'Completely unaware': Frightening detail filmed on man's deck

An Aussie man got the fright of his life when a deadly snake slithered towards him and brushed against his foot as he sat blissfully unaware in his garden.

In a video shared on Reddit, the man, believed to be from Melbourne, sat at a table on his decking as the reptile emerged from the garden behind him before reaching his feet beneath the table.

The animal, believed to be a tiger snake, can be seen moving slowly toward the unsuspecting man for approximately one minute before slithering under the office chair, disappearing only briefly before its head appears once more.

Suddenly, presumably when he realises there's a snake at his feet, the man pushes back on his chair to get out of harm's way as the snake swiftly darts off in the opposite direction, evidently spooked by the human interaction.

Australian man unaware of snake approaching him from behind
The Australian man sat at his table completely oblivious to the tiger snake moving rapidly towards him from behind. Source: Reddit

Tiger snakes are a large and highly venomous snake species found in Australia. People who watched the clip speculated as to whether the snake bit the man in the video, or if he jumped simply because he got a fright.

"The most important thing to know about Australian snakes is that they can absolutely kill you without latching a strong bite," one person wrote in the comments.

"Our snakes do not need to pump venom in in any large amounts, people have died because of tiny superficial scratches on their legs," he claimed.

Others noted the snake's head turned quickly in the other direction, and not toward the man, which was a sign it didn't attack and was simply scared itself.

But the poster, who is the man in the video, chimed in to say "the same one went over my feet inside the house two weeks ago".

"It definitely went for me and you can see it actually struck twice," he revealed.

He also suggested that it had relocated to the garden, which is apparently common for snakes to do.

"Tiger snakes are aggressive and territorial," he wrote in the comments. "This one must have a nest in the front garden and heard me.

"I had been there for about 45 minutes. It jumped, which I have never seen before, and went over my Crocs."

Australian man feels snake brush against his foot at his Melbourne home
The man eventually felt the snake at his feet causing him to puch back on his chair out of harm's way Source: Reddit

The spine-tingling footage left viewers rattled with some Reddit users comparing it to a "horror movie". The comparison came from knowing and watching what was about to happen while the person on the screen remains oblivious.

The Melbourne man said he's been living in the same home for over three decades. In that time he's "taken the head off a few snakes" within a metre of his door.

"You just need to be aware," he warned.

"Very much like I wasn’t yesterday!"

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