More than 100 snakes found in home with body of dead man

A man has been found dead in a house with more than 100 snakes.

The man, 49, who has not been named was found dead in a house in the US state of Maryland on Wednesday night, NBC 4 reports.

Some of the snakes were venomous and illegal to own but all were found in cages.

It is not immediately clear what his cause of death was and it was referred to the medical examiner.

Police outside a home in Maryland that was found to house more than 100 snakes.
The home in Maryland with over 100 snakes where the man was found dead. Source: WUSA9

County spokeswoman Jennifer Harris told the station a neighbour was concerned for the man’s welfare after he had not seen the man for about a day.

He checked in and saw the man had fallen. He was found unresponsive.

Ms Harris said animal control was called in to handle the snakes which included cobras, rattlesnakes and pythons.

A man removes a python in a box from a home in Maryland.
Authorities do not know how the man obtained many exotic species of snakes. Source: Fox 5

“Our chief animal control officer said in his more than 30 years of experience, he had not encountered this kind of thing before," she said.

She told WRC-TV authorities are working to determine how he obtained the snakes.

Authorities added no snakes have escaped their enclosures.

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