WATCH: Driver refuses to put out cigarette at a service station and pays the price

One man learned the hard way about how important it is to not smoke a cigarette at a service station.

A video posted online shows the man, believed to be in Bulgaria, smoking a cigarette as he gets out of his car at a service station.

An employee at the station decides to take matters into their own hands in case something goes wrong.

The man in the white shirt is seen smoking a cigarette. Source: LiveLeak
The employee picks up the fire extinguisher. Source: LiveLeak

The footage shows the employee grab the fire extinguisher and spray the man who has the cigarette.

A big, thick cloud of smoke can be seen from the extinguisher as the man is covered head to toe in fire retardant.

Reddit users praised the employee for his actions.

The man is sprayed by a fire extinguisher. Source: LiveLeak

"I love how the smoker even up till the last moment (or so it seems) was like 'no way man he's just bluffing' then BOOM!" one person wrote.

"That guy is my hero, the fire marshal in my town arrested someone that refused to put their cigarette out at the pump," another said.

The man was covered head to toe in fire retardant. Source: LiveLeak

"I like that his car door was open. Now his car is full of extinguisher powder," one comment reads.

"Act like a safety hazard, get treated like a safety hazard. Nobody cares how cool you are when you're putting lives and property at risk," one person said.