Australia Post driver's delivery excuse caught out on CCTV

Australia Post confirmed to Yahoo it 'will investigate this issue'.

The Australia Post attempted delivery alert stating the gate was locked (left) side-by-side with a CCTV image of the gate open.
An Australia Post customer living in Ningi, north of Brisbane, has called out a delivery driver for claiming his parcel couldn’t be delivered because the driveway gate was 'locked'. Source: Facebook

An annoyed Australia Post customer has called out a driver’s failed delivery attempt after CCTV proved the worker’s excuse wrong.

A man living in Ningi, north of Brisbane, vented his frustrations online on Friday after receiving an alert that his parcel couldn’t be delivered to his home because the driveway gate was “locked”.

However, CCTV footage from around the same time shows the black gate wide open. “Good job AusPost,” he wrote on Facebook alongside an image of the alert and security clip side-by-side.

And it turns out he’s not the only one in the area who has encountered the same problem. “This just happened to my sister as well, also in Ningi,” a woman claimed.

“I swear they didn’t get out of the truck — [the] camera would have picked it up. Must be all the same lazy bloke,” the man responded, as another joked the driver must have been keen to kickstart the long-weekend.

A general view of the Australia Post Nepean facility and a delivery truck in Sydney.
Australia Post confirmed to Yahoo it is investigating the 'locked gate' incident. Source: AAP

While encouraging the man to report the incident, numerous other Aussies shared details of their own delivery disasters.

“My husband watched the delivery guy stop yesterday, then drive off straight away — next came the message that the parcel would be left at the post office. Didn’t even attempt to make the delivery,” one person complained.

“They used to come in our driveway at high speed, we had two entrances. In, throw delivery, [and] out in 5 seconds flat. Total joke, too bad about the wildlife on our property and god forbid if you had breakables in the package!” another said.

Australia Post investigating failed delivery

Speaking to Yahoo, an Australia Post spokesperson confirmed they are investigating the “locked gate” incident.

“Australia Post takes seriously its responsibility to deliver mail and parcels and will investigate this issue,” they said. “If a delivery does not meet the high standards we expect, we encourage customers to contact us directly.”

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