Man and kangaroo's brutal fight caught on camera

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A man has gone head-to-head with a kangaroo in a wild viral video, where the two exchange a few jabs and one seemingly comes out on top.

In the video, the man is seen running around a bend with the kangaroo right on his tail.

The man is knocked to the ground by the roo, which stands about as tall as the man, however, he quickly gets back on his feet.

It then charges toward the man, who unsuccessfully tries to hit it away. The two engage in a scuffle, with the man landing a few hits.

A kangaroo and a man went head-to-head in an insane video. Source: TikTok
A kangaroo and a man went head-to-head in an insane video. Source: TikTok

Eventually, the man knocks the marsupial off its feet and pins it to the ground.

The video was captured in Ballina, NSW, according to 9News.

While the kangaroo is undeniably iconic and beloved around the world, it can be quite dangerous.

"Kangaroos are often portrayed in the media as friendly and cuddly Australian cultural icons. However, they can hurt people," a leaflet from the now-abolished NSW Office of Environment and Heritage says.

However, the risk of being injured by a kangaroo is still very low.

"Several thousand people seek medical attention each year for injuries from domestic pets, while fewer than five people in NSW are treated for kangaroo-related injuries," the leaflet goes on to say.

"The greatest risk is in areas where people have altered kangaroos’ natural habitat and feeding patterns."

Infographic about Kangaroos says: Kangaroos live in complex social groups called mobs. Red kangaroos can grow two metres high and weigh up to 90kg. Approximately 1.6 million wild kangaroos are shot in Australia each year. Much of the meat is fed to pets, while Nike and Adidas use their skins to make soccer boots
Some facts about kangaroos

Woman seriously injured by kangaroo on golf course

Earlier this year, a woman aged in her 60s was attacked by a kangaroo on a golf course in Queensland.

She was kicked to the ground by the kangaroo and repeatedly stomped on. She suffered some serious injuries, the most significant being to her jaw.

While there have been a few instances of kangaroos harming people, there have been plenty of incidents of people hurting kangaroos.

In 2020, horrific footage emerged of a man repeatedly punching a kangaroo. In 2021, residents in the Batemans Bay region woke up one morning to a literal kangaroo massacre.

At least 14 kangaroos were killed and blood stained the roads.

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