'Disgusting excuse for a human': Disturbing video shows cruel attack on kangaroo

WARNING - DISTURBING CONTENT: Disturbing footage of a man repeatedly punching a kangaroo has surfaced online, sparking outrage and prompting an investigation from the RSPCA.

The videos were filmed on Snapchat near the southern NSW town of Culcairn, according to Prime 7.

A source told Yahoo News Australia they understand the videos, which feature a man wearing a white shirt and green shorts, were taken months ago.

A post shared on a community Facebook group claimed the man hit the kangaroo with his car, resulting in the animal suffering a broken back, which meant it could not move.

It said the man attacked the helpless animal for a “prolonged period, unleashing extreme cruelty”, before attacking another kangaroo.

In one of the videos which appeared on Snapchat, the man’s female companion, who is filming the ordeal is heard saying “definitely not f**king joking”, before she flips the camera around to show her male friend bashing the kangaroo on the road.

Someone can then be heard laughing hysterically off-camera.

Graphic footage has emerged of a man bashing a kangaroo, which was reportedly injured prior to the vicious attack. Source: Supplied

In another video supplied to Yahoo News Australia, the man wearing green shorts and white top is seen hitting a kangaroo in the head, while it is lying on what appears to be grass.

In the video, people off camera are encouraging the man to hit the kangaroo – with one person heard saying “kick it in the ribs”.

The man, who abused the kangaroo, feigns hitting the marsupial.

People online have speculated the kangaroo was injured and it has been suggested one of the kangaroos in the video had a broken back.

“Disgusting excuse for a human,” one person commented on the video.

The RSPCA confirmed to Yahoo News Australia they are aware of the videos and are investigating.

A NSW Police spokesperson said the police are aware of the video and the “possible acts of animal cruelty” and said inquiries are ongoing.

“Police will not tolerate violence against animals in any capacity,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“The public are reminded not to report crime via social media.”

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

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