Man explains why he gave PM 'the bird' at local pub

A Brisbane man who was slapped with a $756 fine after giving Malcolm Turnbull ‘the bird’ inside a local pub has opened up on what really took place.

When Nick Gordon, better known as Bluey, saw the Prime Minister commit the ultimate pub sin in Brisbane’s Carindale Hotel on Thursday, he felt obliged to step in.

The 26-year-old told Sunrise he had been waiting in line for five minutes when the Prime Minister cut his way into the front of the line to get his hands on a pint.

“I just said to Malcolm Turnbull, look mate, you are stepping in my local… I wasn’t really impressed about it,” Nick told Sunrise.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been accused of pushing in line at a Brisbane pub. Source: AAP

“I went straight up to him and gave him the bird and just told him to go back to his parliament and have a few cup of teas (sic).”

Nick said he had only had four beers and wasn’t being aggressive when he decided to give the Prime Minister a refresher course on pub etiquette.

“I just had to get my point across and just make sure that he can’t just go to somebody’s local and just push in,” he said, adding that he has no regrets about his decision.

“I’m doing it for every other Australian bloke out there.”

But the decision turned out to be a costly one for the landscaper who was booted from the pub and slapped with a fine for failing to leave a licensed premises.

Nick Gordon said he had no regrets, despite being slapped with a $756 fine. Source: Sunrise

Mr Turnbull downplayed the incident the following day, laughing off suggestions he jumped the queue.

“We had a great visit. It was a very warm welcome, an open session and there were questions on a whole range of topics,” he said.

“There was one gentleman there who clearly had a few drinks too many.

“I think he was assisted in making an early return home, which is probably where he should have gone earlier in the evening, as I’m sure he’s worked out by this morning.”

After news broke of the man who “flipped the PM”, former MP Sam Dastyari took it upon himself to start a GoFundMe page that has already raised more than $900 to “buy him a beer”.