'He came running': Lotto winner's screams wake husband in a fright

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One of Melbourne’s newest millionaires was so excited to find out about her $1.45 million Lotto win, she scared her husband with her screams.

The woman from Werribee, southwest of the city, had purchased a ticket in Saturday’s TattsLotto draw 4169 and was one of four winners to split the $5.82m jackpot.

The winner said they had been out to dinner and her husband had gone to bed when she remembered about the draw and checked her ticket on The Lott app.

A TattsLotto Saturday Quickpick entry.
A Melbourne Lotto winner woke her husband with screams after discovering she had won $1.45 million. Source: The Lott

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw I’d won division one,” she told officials from The Lott on Monday.

“I screamed so loudly that my husband woke up and he came running down the stairs. He was so worried something was wrong, but I told him it was good news.”

She described the moment as “amazing” and said she plans on sharing her win with her family.

“The rest we will use to enjoy our retirement and to enjoy life,” she added.

The Werribee family were one of three winners from Melbourne to score a slice of the jackpot.

Second and third Melbourne lotto winners overwhelmed by $1.45m prize

A couple from Ringwood in Melbourne’s east also responded to news of their win with screams.

They said they had been playing TattsLotto for about 50 years and were stoked to find out they’d won division one.

“My jaw dropped to the ground when I saw the million-dollar prize,” the man said.

“My partner and I were jumping up and down and we couldn’t stop screaming. It’s just incredible.”

They plan to buy themselves a home, as they’ve always been renters, and will save the rest for the future.

The third Melbourne winner was a man from Greensborough who was struggling to sleep on Saturday night and decided to check his ticket online.

“I had two tickets and I checked my first one and I had won about $8, which I thought was all right," he said.

A hand holds a set of house keys and a TattsLotto ticket in front of a white picket fence.
One of the winners said they will use their winnings to buy a house. Source: The Lott

“But when I was looking at that ticket, I recognised some of those numbers and thought I definitely had some of the winning numbers on my second ticket.

“At first, I thought I had won about $1000 and I was stoked, but then I looked harder and I saw I had all six numbers.

“I couldn’t believe it! I logged back in and out so many times to check. It feels surreal! I still can’t believe it!"

He said he went to work on Monday because he “needed some normalcy” while the news sunk in.

The new millionaire said he had booked an appointment with a financial advisor because he wants to “be smart” with his prize.

He hopes he can retire with a “good lifestyle” and help out his family in the process.

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