Clue hidden in background of video leads to ‘amazing’ find in murky river

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A lifeguard has used a subtle detail in the background of a pixelated photo to somehow recover a very valuable item from a murky river.

Donnie Constransitch, from the US state of South Carolina, wrote on Facebook a man named Mr Kennedy contacted him recently with a “crazy story”.

Mr Kennedy’s daughter Michelle had lost her engagement ring in the Intracoastal Waterway while her partner was proposing.

The Intracoastal Waterway in South Carolina is pictured.
Donnie Constransitch, a lifeguard, was sent this video of a woman losing her ring in a river. He determined where it fell in using the tree (circled) as a reference point. Source: Facebook/ Donnie Constransitch

“Later that night I got a call from Michelle, the daughter,” Mr Constransitch wrote.

“Michelle told me she did not want her boyfriend Chris knowing that I was going to go look for the ring. Michelle told me the ring was lost two weeks ago and they are back home in NJ (New Jersey).”

“Michelle was able to send me a pin drop of the area and two short videos of where they were anchored.”

Mr Constransitch and his wife, Christie, took screenshots of the videos to figure out where the ring went missing.

“We saw a tree laying down in the water, a couple of shrubs. Not much to go on,” he wrote.

Lifeguard's three-hour dive for missing ring

The lifeguard loaded up his boat with a metal detector and scuba gear a few days later and managed to find the site.

Video posted by Mr Constransitch shows him underwater, searching through the riverbed for the ring.

Unbelievably, he actually found it – much to his shock and elation in the video.

He claims it took him three hours underwater to find it.

“Once I was at the surface I yelled, ‘I found it!’” he wrote.

Donnie Constransitch is pictured.
Mr Constransitch at the location the ring fell in. Source: Facebook/ Donnie Constransitch

“A family in a nearby restaurant heard me yelling and was concerned. I told them the story.”

Mr Constansitch took his family to meet the Kennedys and reunite them with the ring two weeks later at their home in New Jersey.

“The Kennedys are an amazing and awesome family,” he wrote.

“Thank you for the dinner and your hospitality.”

Facebook viewers in awe at 'awesome' find

On Facebook, people marvelled at Mr Constransitch finding the missing ring.

One woman wrote he had better be invited to the wedding.

“Some heroes wear scuba gear instead of capes,” another woman wrote.

Another woman called it an “awesome story” with a happy ending.

“You truly gave them an amazing ending to their proposal/engagement story,” another woman wrote.

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