Journalist finds missing toddler while reporting on his disappearance

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A journalist on his way to report on the disappearance of a toddler has miraculously found the child several kilometres from the boy’s home.

The 21-month-old boy went missing from his bedroom in Palazzuolo sul Senio, a town north-east of Florence in Italy.

The child’s parents told investigations that their son, Nicola Tanturli, was put to bed at about 7pm on Monday night and didn’t realise he was missing until midnight.

A police officer holds Nicola Tanturli, who was found after spending over 24 hours lost in the woods.
Little Nicola was found in a deep ravine after a journalist heard his cries for help. Source: Italy24News

It’s believed he wandered out of the house during the night.

After raising the alarm, up to 1000 emergency personnel, volunteers and police began scouring the wooded areas surrounding the boy’s home, according to the town’s mayor.

Journalist Giuseppe Di Tommaso, a reporter with Italian broadcaster Rai, was on his way to Nicola’s home on Wednesday morning when he heard moans coming from a gorge by a road.

After informing police, a lieutenant found Nicola at the bottom of a 50-metre ravine.

"I heard clearer cries and I expected an animal to come out," Danilo Ciccarelli said, according to BBC.

"Instead, the child appeared, calling for his mother".

The boy was rescued and taken to his mother in an emotional reunion.

Despite being missing for over 24 hours, the child is said to be in good health.

He was transferred to hospital via a rescue helicopter.

Giuseppe Di Tommaso
Journalist Giuseppe Di Tommaso has been praised after locating the boy in the heavily wooded area. Source: Twitter/Giuseppe Di Tommaso

Finding toddler was ‘a true miracle’

Di Tommaso told local media he had pulled over his car because he felt ill and “needed to recover” when he heard a sound coming from the woods.

Immediately thinking it could be Nicola, he called out the boy's name and heard the reply of 'Mum!'.

“As soon as he saw us he started to cry,” the reporter said.

The child had spent the night in a t-shirt and was covered in scratches but otherwise fine.

“An immense emotion because I really didn’t imagine it, when they tell each other the stories of children after so many hours, in such thick woods, after a whole night there is always the idea that it will not be a story with a positive ending,” Di Tommaso said, according to Italy24News.

“A true miracle”.

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