Kmart shoppers in hysterics over X-rated product: 'Oh my God'

An $11 facial cleansing brush from Kmart has turned into a much sought-after item after it caught the attention of thousands of Aussies on TikTok for all the wrong reasons.

TikToker @methgirlfriendd posted a short clip showing viewers the budget skin care product carrying the caption, "Run don't walk to Kmart for $11".

"I went to Kmart and saw this facial cleansing brush. Well, I mean... it might work," she said before turning it on and putting it on the bathroom counter as the device started to vibrate violently.

Australian TikToker @methgirlfriendd; facial cleansing brush from Kmart
An Aussie shopper bought an $11 facial cleansing brush from Kmart, but went viral after she discovered something unexpected. Credit: TikTok/@methgirlfriendd


The clip has since amassed 1.6 million views and over 3,200 comments, with many viewers alluding to how the item that was meant to remove dirt and oil from skin could be used for an entirely different purpose.

"Whoever designed this knew what they were doing," someone posted, followed by another who chimed in saying, "I have a sudden interest in skin care".

"Probably the same person who designed the coffee grinders," a third person commented in reference to a kitchen tool favoured by cannabis enthusiasts, while another viewer added, "Between that and the coffee grinder. Whoever is creating these for Kmart know what they're doing".

"Oh my God," wrote one amused viewer, while someone else joked, "Apparently it also cleanses faces".

"Driving there at 120km an hour even though I'm a guy," yet another commented.

"Multipurpose," a viewer added in the thread, as one more chimed in, "So it's not just Coles then," referring to an eyebrow-raising massager sold at the supermarket.

Brands join the fun

Other cheeky responses came from official brand accounts wanting to get in on the joke.

"Is it still in stock? (Asking for a friend)," came a comment from skincare brand Frank Body.

An employee from Vush, an Australian company that sells adult pleasure toys also joined in, commenting, "Now I'm panicking... because I'm going to lose my job".

The two-in-one facial cleansing brush, according to Kmart's product description, promises to gently massage skin without any irritation and leave skin "smooth and radiant". It also comes with interchangeable brush heads for a "deep clean".

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