Theory about why popular Kmart product is locked up raises eyebrows

Kmart customers have revealed a surprising theory about a popular in-store item, which may explain why it's constantly locked up by employees.

A Reddit user posted a photograph of the appliance section at one Kmart store, revealing that a range of coffee grinders have been fitted with anti-theft devices.

The grinders, priced from $17, are shown next to milk frothers and coffee machines which do not have the same anti-theft protection, despite being advertised at a higher price point.

Kmart shelves with security devices on coffee grinders; inset close-up of grinder
Redditors have revealed that the popular Kmart item works in a way likely not intended by the manufacturer, which may explain the additional security. Source: Reddit/Legitimate_Change625, Kmart

Another Redditor added that his local Kmart "keeps them behind the counter", while a Kmart employee said the grinder is the only item "that needs security in the whole of the appliances section".

"The Kmart in my area is just an empty shelf where coffee grinders once resided. As soon as they get new stock, it's all gone by the next day," another said.

So why are the grinders so popular?

Not only are Kmart coffee grinders regularly kept under lock and key, they've received impressive five star reviews from hundreds of customers. A thread in the r/ausents — a community of Aussie cannabis enthusiasts — may reveal why.

One Redditor commented that the product "works incredible" as a "herb" grinder, while another claimed to have been using the grinders when preparing to smoke a certain green leaf.

Others speculated that since the "alternative" use of the coffee grinder was discovered, theft of the devices may have increased, hence the need to keep them locked up.

Another user even said that he was gifted one of the grinders by a "dealer", while some theorised that the product's popularity among cannabis enthusiasts has led to it rising in price over the years.

One person speculated that young people may be shoplifting the items "because 13 year olds can't walk into a tobacco shop" to purchase a similar grinder.

Yahoo News reached out to Kmart for clarification on security procedures relating to the grinder, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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