Popular Kmart toy sold out after warning over dangerous trend

Thrill seekers are no longer able to get their hands on a Kmart toy that went viral on TikTok and raised safety concerns.

Last week, Yahoo News Australia reported the $29, three-wheeled Kmart Wiggle Cart made waves on social media.

Despite the product being designed for children and a weight limit of 50kg, teens shared videos of themselves "drifting" down roads and car park ramps on the carts at high speeds.

Pictured is a teen riding the Wiggle cart and a photo of the Wiggle Cart listed on the Kmart website.
The Wiggle Cart, sold at Kmart was being used by teenagers for a viral stunt. Source: TikTok/Kmart

There were concerns due to the teens in the videos not wearing the advised safety gear while using the product and some TikTok users advised others to go out and get their own.

One person on TikTok, who said they worked at Kmart, said there had been a spike in demand for the Wiggle Cart.

If you search for the Wiggle Cart on the Kmart website, it says the item is no longer available.

While there has been speculation the cart was pulled from the shelves, Yahoo News Australia was informed by Kmart the item simply sold out.

The Wiggle Cart had been a clearance sale item for a few weeks before becoming a viral sensation.

Pictured are screenshots from TikTok of teenagers riding the Kmart Wiggle Cart in a parking lot.
Teens were "drifting" with the Kmart Wiggle Cart in car parks and on roads. Source: TikTok

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the company was "disappointed" to find out people were misusing the product.

The spokesperson said the cart was designed for children aged over seven-years-old, with a weight capacity of 50kg and should be used under adult supervision.

“We encourage customers to follow all usage and safety instructions included on the product packaging and the Kmart website page," the spokesperson said.

“This includes wearing the proper protective helmet, clothing and to never use on the open road or near car traffic.”

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