Urgent warning as Kmart Christmas candle 'explodes': 'Hot wax'

A woman has warned people about a set of Christmas candles she bought from Kmart after one of them exploded when she lit it.

The New Zealand mum said she was sitting in her living room when she heard a loud bang from a nearby room.

"It sounded like a gun was fired less than 10 metres away," she wrote in a Facebook post, saying she walked into the dining room to see the remains of her 12 Days of Christmas tin candle set, purchased from Kmart, all over the room.

A Kmart shopper's photo of her wooden floor with a small tin and candle wax stains surrounding it.
The woman said the candle exploded, spraying hot wax everywhere. Source: Facebook

Daughter 'seconds' away from being sprayed with candle wax

According to the woman, there was wax all over the room, including on the ceiling, after the candle exploded.

"Luckily, my five-year-old had walked away no more than 90 seconds earlier or she would have been sprayed with hot wax," she added.

The worried shopper said she rang Kmart, who asked her to return the item, but she was more concerned about the safety of the candle.

"Please do not light these candles if you have them," she urged fellow shoppers.

The candles, which are available online for $15 in Australia and New Zealand, come in a set of 12 and are set in small tins.

Another photo shared by the Kmart shopper showing her white popcorn ceiling close up with wax stains on it.
Hot wax covered the floor and ceiling of the woman's dining room. Source: Facebook
A screenshot of the 12 days of Christmas candle set from the Kmart website.
The candles are for sale in Kmart for $15. Source: Kmart

Kmart shoppers scared to light candles

Comments flooded in from Facebook users, many saying they had also bought the festive decorations, but are too scared to light them now.

"I'm just going to throw the whole pack away now," one woman wrote.

"This happened to a friend of mine ages ago," another woman commented, adding she was surprised they hadn't recalled them yet.

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were looking into the unusual situation.

"The safety of our customers and team [is] our number one priority – we are liaising with the below customer and our product safety team will review the product once we receive it," they said.

"We have had no other complaints of this nature regarding this product."

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