Kmart shopper horrified over bed bug discovery in new mattress

A woman has suffered a “Christmas nightmare” after buying a new Kmart mattress for her daughter, which she claims was riddled with bed bugs.

Mel Symonds replaced her 21-year-old’s double bed with the queen bed euro top pocket spring mattress, which she ordered online for $279.00 along with new bedding.

But after a week of sleeping in the new mattress, bites started to appear on her daughter’s body.

At first, they thought they were just mosquito bites but soon discovered bed bugs were to blame.

“I am so upset and in shock,” Ms Symonds told Yahoo News.

(left) a bed bug Mel Symonds discovered after her daughter broke out in bites (right). Source: Facebook
She discovered the bed bugs a week later when her daughter broke out in bites. Source: Facebook

She has since booked in pest controllers to spray her daughter’s bedroom after venting her frustration on Facebook.

“Burn the mattress, get your house sprayed and put whatever linen was on the bed in a black plastic sack and sit in the sun for a few days. Honestly, once you get bed bugs they are so hard to get rid of!,” one person warned.

“They could of already spread to your carpet, bed frame and possibly other areas of your house. You need to get a professional in to have a look asap as bedbugs spread very quickly,” another said.

Ms Symonds said she didn’t realise the extent of the problem until calling in professionals.

“He walked me through what bed bugs can possibly do to your home and I am so stressed! They can get into my whole house,” she said.

“What a nightmare.”

She has also discarded the fabric bed and linen and plans to steam all her furniture as a precaution.

(left) A screenshot of a Facebook post Mel Symonds posted about the bed bug ordeal (right) stock photo. of a Kmart entrance. Source: Facebook/AAP
The retail giant has offered a refund but stopped short of paying for pest control. Source: Facebook/AAP

Kmart responds to bed bug saga

A representative from the Kmart Customer Service Department apologised to Ms Symonds for the “state of the mattress” and processed her refund.

The staff member, who also organised to collect the soiled mattress, said that’s all the retail giant can do.

“No further compensation can be offered,” they wrote in an email.

Ms Symonds said she was “absolutely disgusted” at the situation and so were others online.

“I would most definitely take this further, that is absolutely disgusting,” wrote one Facebook user.

“They should also pay for pest control,” another demanded.

One woman suggested she take the shopping chain to court.

“Bed Bugs ruin lives”.

Yahoo News has contacted Kmart for comment.

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