Kmart photo highlights major Christmas worry: 'So disappointing'

Shelves in some Kmart stores are being stripped bare in a frantic pre-Christmas rush, with dismayed customers turning to social media to voice their disappointment.

One South Australian woman took to Facebook to share confronting images from her local Kmart store, which shows the Christmas section almost sold out of stock.

“Wow not even December yet and had trouble getting stock at my local today? Got told they might not get more stock,” she wrote.

A photo of bare shelves at a South Australian Kmart store. Source: Facebook
A photo of bare shelves at a South Australian Kmart store. Source: Facebook

The post clearly struck a chord with other frustrated customers who are also struggling to finish their Christmas shopping

“Our Kmart is the same,” one woman responded.

“Our shelves are empty too,” another added.

Many Facebook users pointed out Kmart isn’t the only retailer with empty shelves.

“I’ve been to 3 Kmarts in Perth that all look very similar, toy shelves are also bare! Target and Big W Christmas sections not much better either,” one person wrote.

“It’s like it in every store selling out and Bunnings is a bit like it as well,” another commented.

A screenshot of a Facebook post about empty shelves at Kmart ahead of Christmas. Source: Facebook
The post was inundated with comments from other frustrated shoppers. Source: Facebook

Low stock caused by pandemic

Worker shortages and other restrictions related to the pandemic have resulted in global supply chain issues and increasing pressure on logistic networks.

“Our Kmart is the same, I was told it's because there has been a huge delay in getting their shipments, ours was getting a few pallets but was expecting 3 truck loads,” one person said.

Another added: “My mum works at Kmart and was warned if you see stock grab it while it’s there as there’s not much coming in (Perth WA) due to shortage of truck drivers.”

A photo of empty shelves at South Australian Kmart store ahead of Christmas. Source: Facebook
Retailers across the country are grappling with serious distribution issues and low stock levels. Source: Facebook

Those who work in the industry added their insight into the supply chain plight.

“As a retail worker who works for a big company we are having issues getting stock from the distribution centres. It’s frustrating on all ends and we don’t really have answers for anyone, not even ourselves,” explained one person.

“Friends work in the warehouse and there is a shortage of shipping containers so not much stock coming,” another added.

Christmas rush started in October

One woman expressed concerns there would be “no toys left by Christmas” while others admitted they saw it coming and started their holiday shopping in October.

“Glad I got in early for the few bits I wanted,” one woman wrote.

“Our local Kmart has been like this for weeks now - so disappointing really - you either have to rush out in October or miss out it seems,” another said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Kmart for comment.

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