Woman sparks Christmas advent calendar debate: 'Save my marriage'

With the countdown to Christmas officially underway, a woman has taken to social media seeking advice on an oddly divisive holiday tradition.

The beginning of December is when people purchase or set up their advent calendars but the correct way to use one appears to be quite controversial and a common argument between couples.

A woman's Facebook post seeking advice on how advent calendars work. Source: Facebook
A woman's Facebook post seeking advice on how advent calendars work. Source: Facebook

Posting to a Perth Facebook group, the woman sought help to “save” her marriage.

“So my husband and I have this argument every year,” she said, referring to advent calendars.

“Apparently I’m doing it wrong,” she continued after explaining she has started one with her son.

She said her family always opened the calendar's 24 door first and treated it like a countdown to Christmas, while her husband’s family started on 1 like a traditional calendar.

“Which one is right?” she asked, creating a poll.

The great advent calendar debate

More than 1800 people agreed with the woman’s husband that you start an advent calendar on 1.

“Sorry but your husband is right, as much as it pains me to go against the girls,” one woman said.

“Why make it more complicated,” questioned another Facebook user.

“Match the date with the number on the little box.”

“Sorry it definitely starts at 1,” another added.

File pictures of advent calendars. Source: Getty Images
Advent calendars are a big part of the countdown to Christmas but does it start on 1 or 24? Source: Getty Images

“The 24 gifts are usually the biggest! What does that tell you,” one woman quizzed.

Many said their child’s calendar includes the number of sleeps according to the date.

“Eg at 1 it says ‘24 sleeps till Christmas’ inside the door.”

While the traditional 1 to 24 method was by far the most popular answer, surprisingly more than 80 people admitted to opening door number 24 first.

“I thought it was a countdown, so of course starting at 24,” one woman responded, adding she had the same conversation with her husband.

One woman admitted it’s also a sore point in her relationship.

“My partner last year thought I was silly doing 1-24 and he was positive all his life he did 24-1 so we did 24-1 this year and now I feel silly,” she commented.

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