Kmart shopper's question ignites common Christmas debate: 'No rules'

With stores like Kmart, Big W, Coles and Woolworths already rolling out their Christmas stock, the tinsel season is well and truly edging ever closer.

Despite the fact that we've only just entered October, it seems many shoppers are eager - if they haven't already started - to get into the Christmas spirit at home and decorate.

Christmas decorations.
When do you put up your Christmas decorations. Photo: Getty

But it's the age-old question isn't it - when is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

One Kmart shopper sparked a heated debate on Facebook, when she took to a popular Kmart decor group this week asking: "Curious as to when everyone starts putting up Christmas decor?"

The post sparked hundreds of comments from people debating when the right time was, with some even admitting they don't take their decorations down at all.


Plenty of people were all for putting things up first thing in November.

"As soon as I've packed up my Halloween decorations," one person mused.

"1st of November because I can’t help myself and refuse to accept the idea that Christmas decorations only get to be up for 1 month," another agreed.

kmart christmas stock
Kmart's Christmas stock dropped last month. Photo: Facebook

Others said December 1 was the day - or at least within the month of December - with some even claiming it's bad luck to put things up any earlier.

"1st December. I was always taught it was bad luck to put it up earlier and to take it down after Jan 1," one person commented.

"I absolutely love love love Christmas, but I put everything up either last weekend in November or 1st weekend in December depending on work," another explained.

With many of us eyeing off the end of lockdowns there will no doubt be a rush to the stores to grab some of the most popular stock once we are allowed to. Plenty of Kmart fans in lockdown had already shared their jealousy of other shoppers as the Christmas range dropped.

There were a few people who were less eager to decorate, with some only putting decorations up just in time for the festive days.

"I’d love to put it up on Xmas eve and take them down on Boxing Day! But my family call me the grinch so I usually do it 2nd week of December but always down on Boxing Day," one person admitted.

Others said they often didn't take things down at all.

"Wait.. people take them down!? My outside fairy lights seem to stay up all year," was one response.

But the consensus was, given the past nearly two years especially, is to just do it whenever you want.

"We are in a pandemic; do whatever makes you happy. There are no rules anymore," one person wrote.

While another agreed: "Especially this year, do what makes you happy. If you feel like decorating early do it! After what we have all been through the last couple of years we all deserve some happy in our lives. Do whatever works for you."

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