Warning over $29 Kmart Tiktok trend: 'Nearly died'

A bargain child's toy from Kmart is taking TikTok by storm – but the retail giant has issued a safety warning stressing it must be used correctly.

The three-wheeled Wiggle Cart, which is being sold at the reduced price of $29, allows children to propel themselves forward by turning the front wheel with their feet.

Yet despite being listed for children with a weight limit of 50kg, the product has spiked in popularity amongst teens after several videos of the device went viral on TikTok.

Teens riding Wiggle Carts from Kmart. Source: TikTok
Wiggle Carts from Kmart have become wildly popular with teens. Source: TikTok

Video uploaded to the popular app shows users "drifting" down slopes at high speeds on roads and car park ramps without the advised safety gear.

"This is your sign to go buy a Wiggle cart from Kmart," several of the videos begin before showing groups of teens riding the carts in unison.

Thousands have taken to the comments section expressing their desire to purchase a Wiggle Cart, while one user who said she's a Kmart employee revealed there had been a spike in requests for the product.

Many say the carts have sold out at multiple stores across the country.

Copycats have shared their own videos using the carts, with one group adding custom lights and another person being pulled along by a car.

A handful of videos show users, wearing t-shirts and shorts, falling off their Wiggle Carts while not wearing protective gear. Kmart states users should be wearing "proper" protective helmets and clothing in its instructions.

One person said they "nearly died" falling off one of the carts.

Another said the brakes was "pointless" while one user wrote their cart was "wrapped around a tree".

Stock image of the Wiggle Cart. Source: TikTok/ Kmart
The cart, pictured here, has gained cult status on TikTok. Source: TikTok/ Kmart

Kmart 'disappointed' over TikTok trend

In the wake of the trend, a Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the company is "disappointed to learn that people are misusing the product".

“We encourage customers to follow all usage and safety instructions included on the product packaging and the Kmart website page," they said.

“This includes… wearing the proper protective helmet, clothing and to never use on the open road or near car traffic.”

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