Kmart shopper's son almost chokes to death on common item

A seemingly innocuous object attached to an item sold at Kmart almost choked a young boy to death, with his mother sharing her story to help educate other parents.

Tiny Hearts Education is an organisation which helps in educating parents on how to best keep their children safe.

One of the organisation's followers reached out after her son choked on a clip attached to a product she wanted to buy from Kmart.

"My husband and I were in Kmart when I placed a pair of socks on my son's blanket in the capsule," the mother said in a message to Tiny Hearts Education.

The exterior of a Kmart store is pictured.
The boy choked on a clip attached to some socks in a Kmart store. Source: AAP

The woman's son picked up the socks and started sucking on the clip, which enables the pair to be hung up.

The little boy sucked in the clip "so hard he swallowed it and began gagging".

"I took my eyes off him for a second, a second it only took before it became lodged in his throat," the mum wrote.

"Gagging so hard he was vomiting bile."

Clip lodged three centimetres down boy's throat

Thankfully, the mother said they didn't have to perform CPR on the boy who was rushed to hospital.

At hospital, the boy went in for emergency surgery and the mother was told the clip was lodged three centimetres down his throat.

"He made a full recovery, something I will never forget," she wrote.

"Feel horrible that I took my eyes off him for a moment."

The clip from the Kmart item in a small jar (left) after being removed from the boy's (right) throat.
The child was rushed to the hospital, where the clip (pictured on the left) was removed from his throat. Source: Tiny Hearts Education

The mother, who had been following Tiny Hearts Education for some time thanked the organisation for all they did, saying it was "so informative".

"I can only imagine the fear this family must have felt in that moment," Tiny Hearts Education wrote.

"Forever grateful when stories like this have a happy ending – thank you to this Mama for allowing us to share with the community."

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