'It's just bad luck': Mouse falls onto woman's shoulder at restaurant

Chicken shop patrons have been left traumatised after watching as a mouse dropped from the ceiling and onto the back of a customer, where it scurried around without her knowledge.

The mortifying event unfolded at Mary Brown's Chicken and Taters shop in the US state of New Mexico on Thursday last week (local time), and was captured by Candice Jahnke, who was waiting in line at the time, CBC reported.

Ms Jahnke’s kids were the first to spot the rodent, which prompted her to pull out her phone and start filming.

Shortly after, the mouse plunged from the roof and landed on the woman ahead of them in the line, without her knowing.

The rodent was captured walking on the woman's jacket. Source: CBC

“As soon as I stopped recording, I went to the lady right away, she went to sit down and I said, 'I don't mean to alarm you, but you have a mouse crawling on you’,” Ms Jahnke told CBC.

The woman was reportedly shocked after being told of the mouse, but managed to stay composed long enough to remove her jacket and allow it to jump off and run toward some bins.

Ms Jahnke said employees quickly removed the rodent from the restaurant.

The chicken store claims that since the incident it has been given a certificate confirming the store is clear of mice and rodents.

“We are very proud of our product and service and whatever incident happened, it's just bad luck for us,” store owner Jony Rahman told CBC. 

The mouse appeared to be investigating the jacket's hood. Source: CBC

In a statement provided to the network, the retailer thanked customers for their patience following its day-long closure to execute a deep-clean.

“We thank all of our Regina customers for their patience as we ensure that our food safety standards are not compromised and necessary steps are taken to ensure this is an isolated incident,” the statement said.

The restaurant is part of a unit block with several other businesses, which all fall under the same management.

Mr Rahman has reportedly requested the landlord check the hygiene in neighbouring units.

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