Hungry Jack's customer praised for drive-thru 'freak-out' about pork burger

An irate Hungry Jack's customer has been filmed yelling at staff about the quality of her deluxe pork belly burger — and it appears she's not the only one with an axe to grind.

The unnamed woman told a female worker that the burger "does not look like the Pork Belly Deluxe on TV", as she leaned up against the drive-thru window.

The incident, believed to have occurred at a Brisbane store, was filmed by another customer waiting in line for his meal.

The woman yelling at Hungry Jack's staff about the pork belly burger.
The customer was filmed yelling at Hungry Jack's staff about the pork belly burger. Source: Reddit

The disgruntled customer can be heard criticising the burger she'd ordered, saying it's too "fatty" and only had a small amount of pork hiding "underneath the tomato".

"Disgusting is what it was," the woman, who appears to be mid-rant when the video starts recording, says.

She mentions a second pork burger she'd received, indicating she was offered a replacement after complaining about the first.

She then told the Hungry Jack's employee — who can't be seen in the clip — they had "another thing coming" if they thought she was going to ask nicely for a third burger.

The pair continue to bicker before the woman declare's she is "usually a swearer", despite not having done so yet.

She then turns and calls the staffer a "b***h".

Hungry Jack's customer praised: 'She's not wrong'

The video has been shared on Reddit, where it's garnered quite the response from other fast food enthusiasts, many of whom think she has a point.

"She's not wrong. It's an abomination of a burger," one person said.

"It promises so much and delivers so little. The taste of disappointment," another wrote.

"Got one yesterday. I regret not getting the chicken burger," a third said.

"Absolutely — mine was just a regular whopper with a few chunks of cold fat," a fourth admitted.

Pork Belly burger from Hungry Jack's.
Customers have shared photos of the Hungry Jack's burger. Source: Facebook Victor Hrvoje Gerbiz/Suzie Selleck Thiemann

Some people said the taste of the burger was no excuse for the woman's behaviour.

"Trying to a new type of burger from any of the fast food chains is playing with fate," one person said.

In recent weeks, many disappointed Hungry Jack's customers have taken to Facebook to complain about their own pork belly burger.

The burger promises to have two beef patties with melted cheese, pork belly bites, spicy sauce, lettuce and tomato.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Hungry Jack's for comment.

Hungry Jacks pork belly burger and logo.
The woman said her pork burger didn't look like the one advertised. Source: Hungry Jack's

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