Woman's 'horrendous’ find in Hungry Jack's burger as she finishes meal

A grotesque clump of foreign items found just as a Hungry Jack’s customer was finishing a burger has left hundreds of people reeling at the thought they were likely maggots.

The diner picked up a takeaway Rebel Whopper from the Bondi Beach outlet on Wednesday, and was enjoying her meal until she spotted the unsightly cluster of white rice-shaped objects in one of her final bites.

Just once glance was enough to turn the woman off the burger and send her marching back to the store to complain.

She told Yahoo News Australia she was offered an apology, a refund and an explanation that the burger patties were provided by a third-party supplier, which supposedly was to blame for the contaminated burger.

Bondi Beach Hungry Jack's outlet.
The woman said she bought the burger from the Bondi Beach Hungry Jack's outlet (pictured). Source: Google Maps

The woman also claimed she was incorrectly told by an employee that the patty - supplied by V2, and Australian plant-based meat company - contained egg.

V2 patties don’t actually contain animal products and the company does not test on animals.

“The manager of the shop said that eggs are inside the patty, and patties are made for them by another company and they must have breached storage or distribution rules because of Covid,” the customer said.

She described being offered a refund for the price of the burger “crazy” and expressed concern that other patties could too contain foreign objects.

“I really hope that they’ve checked the rest of the patties they have in a shop,” she said.

Hundreds of others were repulsed by the appearance of the patty after she shared a photo to Facebook, labelling it “horrendous”.

“What the f*** is that, that’s disgusting,” one person wrote in a comment.

“I’m gonna be sick,” someone else proclaimed.

HUngry Jack's Rebel Whopper with maggots on its patty.
She spotted the white objects when the burger was almost finished. Source: Facebook

While the white items had a similar appearance to rice, Hungry Jack’s does not serve rice with any of its products.

They were largely suspected to be fly eggs, with many arguing it didn’t take long for maggots to form after a fly landed on an object.

“Blowflies can lay live maggots and quickly,” one person wrote.

“Flies can lay eggs really fast. A fly could have landed on it while you had it open. Them buggers are fast. I've seen it happen,” another said.

The customer argued it would have been unlikely for the maggots to appear in the small amount of time between her opening the burger and spotting them.

“Maybe it’s possible, but not for this occasion. I started eating as soon as I opened it and didn’t stop until I saw eggs,” she replied.

Yahoo News Australia has contact Hungry Jack’s for comment on the matter.

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