Hungry Jack's customer shares hack for cheaper cheeseburgers: 'Life changed'

A savvy Hungry Jack’s customer has revealed a loophole for saving money on a cheeseburger from the fast food chain.

“Just an FYI... at Hungry Jack's a Hamburger with cheese is 30c cheaper than a Cheeseburger, but is exactly the same burger,” wrote the eagle-eyed customer.

Hungry Jack's Hamburger order alongside cheeseburger with price
A savvy Hungry Jack's customer has shared a loophole for saving 30 cents on a cheeseburger. Source: Facebook

The woman also shared a side-by-side photo of her online order, which shows the Hamburger plus cheese for $3.50 and the Cheeseburger for $3.80.

Hungry Jack’s customers were delighted by the cost-saving cheeseburger hack, with hundreds of people reacting to the woman's Facebook post.

Hungry Jack's customers react to cheeseburger loophole

“Life changed forever!” commented one woman.

“Good to know,” wrote a second.

While a third pointed out that it was “ridiculous” that Hungry Jack’s was charging more for the same product.

Others advised that a Hungry Jack’s BBQ Cheeseburger was only $2, which is cheaper than both the original Cheeseburger and the Hamburger.

People walk past open Hungry Jack's fast food outlet
Hungry Jack's customers shared some of their own advice for saving money on menu items. Source: Getty

Unlike the Hungry Jack’s Hamburger, customers are not able to customise the barbecue sauce on the BBQ Cheeseburger to make it tomato sauce and save $1.80 on the same burger.

However, customers can remove the barbecue sauce and mayonnaise option in the app – meaning, they could purchase a 10-cent Ketchup packet and add it themselves and still save $1.70.

Macca's customers share advice for saving on popular menu items

Meanwhile, some self-confessed markdown addicts shared their own advice for saving on items from popular fast food outlets.

“At Macca’s it's cheaper to get a small Happy Meal than it is to get a small Cheeseburger Meal,” revealed one woman.

Currently, a McDonald’s small Cheeseburger Meal costs customers $7.10, while a Cheeseburger Happy Meal costs $4.95 – a difference of $2.15.

Screengrabs of the McDonald's website showing a McDonald's small Cheeseburger Meal and a Cheeseburger Happy Meal
A McDonald's small Cheeseburger Meal costs $7.10, while a Cheeseburger Happy Meal costs $4.95. Source: McDonald's

Another consumer pointed out that buying a “Cheeseburger Happy Meal” from McDonald’s “works out way cheaper” than buying the three items separately.

Others lamented that McDonald’s “caught on” after customers started taking advantage of the same loophole that involved adding a slice of cheese to a Macca’s Hamburger.

However, one savvy Macca’s fan revealed that she overcame this loophole by “putting through a Hamburger and a slice of cheese separately”.

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