Hungry Jack's customers score FREE meals with DoorDash glitch: 'Winning!'

Hungry Jack's customers were quick to take advantage of a promo code glitch that gave them up to 100 per cent off their orders using food delivery app, DoorDash.

The promo code, which offered a 30 per cent discount on the fast food retailer’s Pork Belly Burger meal, was posted by many customers to Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia.

For one customer, the "glitch" in the Hungry Jack's promo code allowed her to get the full amount off her burger meal instead of the advertised 30 per cent.

Hungry Jack's order on DoorDash showing error; Hungry Jack's storefront
For one customer, the "glitch" in the Hungry Jack's promo code allowed her to get the full amount off the order in her cart. Source: Facebook/Getty

“Glitch on DoorDash today. They are advertising 30 per cent off the Pork Belly Burger Meal. Takes off the full amount in the cart and if you have DashPass, spend $3.35 more for free delivery,” wrote the savvy shopper, who added extra chips to her order for $3.45, which removed the $5.99 delivery fee.

In the accompanying screenshot, you can see the shopper received her $20.10 Hungry Jack's order for just $3.48 by using the glitchy DoorDash promo code, which removed the entire cost of the Pork Belly Burger Meal ($16.65).

DoorDash was contacted by Yahoo News Australia for comment.

Dozens of Hungry Jack's customers take advantage of 'glitch'

Dozens of bargain hunters on Facebook took advantage of the short-lived discount and shared their impressive savings in the comments.

“$4.64 delivered. Hopefully it shows up... I'm a bit peckish,” wrote one chuffed customer.

“Thanks I paid $2.68 delivered. Winning!” wrote a second.

A third wrote: “Omg thank you. Mine only cost me $1.70!”

Screenshots of customers' Hungry Jack's DoorDash orders
Fellow customers shared their Hungry Jack's discounts. Source: Facebook

Others shared screenshots of their own Hungry Jack's orders, with varying discounts applied using the 30 per cent off promotional code.

“I don’t know if I would even eat it so not gonna order but [I] had to try,” laughed one customer.

Other customers showed off impressive discounts of $10.62, $7.99 and $8.77 off their Pork Belly Burger Meal orders.

All good things must come to an end: DoorDash fixes promo code error

However the excitement was short-lived, as customers soon realised the glitch had been fixed by DoorDash and they were no longer able to take advantage of the error.

“I think they've fixed it. Didn't work on mine,” wrote a disappointed customer.

“And the glitch is gone. Dammit!” lamented another.

DoorDash delivery driver cycles bike with food carrier
DoorDash quickly resolved the promo code glitch. Source: Getty

The shopper who shared the glitch to Facebook also confirmed the “glitch is gone” to hungry customers.

Previously, Spotlight shoppers were in a frenzy over a similar voucher error that allowed them to get $40 off their order if they spent $40 – meaning they received a saving of up to 100 per cent.

As a result, one woman was able to buy two quilt sets for an astonishing 17 cents for both, while another scored a $47 double bed quilt cover for only $3.98.

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