JB Hi-Fi customer scores $400 iPhone discount: 'So proud!'

A delighted JB Hi-Fi customer has shared how her son was able to score a significant discount on a new Apple product.

The woman penned a post to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page on Tuesday, calling herself “one proud markdown Mumma”.

“My 18 year old son started an apprenticeship and has been saving hard. He’s always had second hand phones and decided he wanted to get the latest iPhone,” she said.

“He went to JB yesterday where they had the [iPhone] 13 for $1600. He got $150 off for buying it outright, and then another $150 off because of a special they had going."

iPhone 13 display in a store. Source: Reuters
The customer was able to score the iPhone for only $1200. Source: Reuters

The woman said her son then looked at other retailers but was unable to find a lesser price. She then said he returned to the store and was able to negotiate a further discount from the salesman.

“He told the JB salesman that he’d seen them cheaper, so the salesman gave him an additional $100 off,” she said.

The mother said that the negotiation tactic may be seen as dishonest, but she was nonetheless proud of her son.

“I’m not proud of him for lying, but it seems I’ve created another markdown addict!” she said.

JB Hi-Fi store interior with several sales signs. Source: Getty Images
JB Hi-Fi is well known for having competitive prices on electronics. Source: Getty Images

One group member commented on the post, raving about JB Hi-Fi’s deals, whilst others were quick to congratulate the woman on her son’s negotiation skills.

“I got the new iPhone 13, a case and a screen protector for less than the phone itself cost from JB Hi-Fi,” one member wrote.

“Raising them right! Good job,” said another.

Is it OK to haggle? Markdown group debates discount tactics

Hundreds of Markdown Addicts group members have interacted with the woman’s post, debating whether the woman’s son was in the right for haggling the price with the salesperson.

Some weren’t impressed that the woman’s son told the salesperson that he’d seen the iPhone advertised cheaper elsewhere.

“Sorry, but you are right not to be proud of him for lying,” one group member said.

“I’m glad you said you're not proud of his lying. Integrity isn't for sale. That will cost him in life if he thinks lying is ok,” said another.

Although not all group members agreed, with many labelling the son’s tactic as “smart negotiating”.

“They price check on the computer anyway so someone must have been cheaper,” one group member said.

“They know what other places are retailing at, it's all online. So someone else either really was cheaper, or the guy gave him a good deal because he wanted to,” said another.

“JB knows it's [lowest] price and negotiates what it can get above that bottom price. It's JB responsibility to confirm competitive pricing,” argued a third.

“I love how some of you are saying she is lying about the price, you have got to have confidence to walk in and ask for deals. If you have sucker written all over your face,” said a fourth.

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