Shopper divides internet with JB Hi-Fi bargain - but is she right?

Price matches are one of the easiest ways to score yourself a good deal.

But after one shopper shared how she pulled off a price matching win, others weren’t convinced she’d done the right thing.

Sharing her savings on the budget lovers Facebook page Markdown Addicts Australia, the savvy shopper explained how she bagged herself a popular Bissell Spot Clean Turbo for just over half price.

“Price match went wrong… in my favour,” she began her post.

“So, I’ve been eyeing for this magic tool Bissell Spot Clean Turbo and tried to price match with JB Hi-Fi ($399). Appliances online have it for $354.

“Called the customer service line and she approved this. Got an email confirmation and it went down to $259!”`

Bissell Spot clean turbo. Source: Facebook
The shopper shared her bargain buy on Facebook, but not everyone thought she'd done the right thing. Source: Facebook

The happy shopper went on to excitedly explain that the JB Hi-Fi staff member must have accidentally compared the incorrect model, pointing out that the lower model Bissell Spotclean was priced at $259.

“I paid the order straight away, ready for collection and collected,” she continued.

“Not sure if the screenshot might help others to get the same price, but have a go if you want.”

Dozens of savvy shoppers quickly followed her lead asking for a receipt or a screenshot of her bargain buy to grab themselves the price match too.

“Another JB Hi-Fi agreed to price match it for me,” an excited person said.

“Now that's a deal, they're worth every cent!!!” added another.

One person said they'd called nearly every JB Hi-Fi store in Australia to try to get the same price but ended up scoring one for $104 off.

Shoppers rush to defend 'poor worker'

While some rushed to nab the same discount, not everyone thought it was right.

Some shoppers commented saying if the person knew the staff member had made an error, she should have told them.

“I’m sorry but if you’ve noticed a mistake in the product I’d honestly be saying something the poor worker can get into some serious trouble when they notice stock low or missing price matching is fine but seriously consider the actual worker. People make mistakes,” the shopper said.

“We expect shops not to be dishonest with us but we call it a bargain in vice versa situation,” added another.

JB Hi-Fi products. Source: Facebook
The shopper was able to score herself $140 off the original price after an error was made. Source: Facebook

“But why wouldn’t you warn her if she was pricing a wrong model?” questioned a third.

But the shopper defended herself saying she didn’t know about the large price difference until after speaking with the staff member.

“It worked in my favour… The price for a lower model but I got it for the turbo. Price wasn’t mentioned on the phone, and I only realised after I received the text which opens up to a link browser,” she said.

Meanwhile, other shoppers said they’d had a similar experience but with a much more expensive item.

“I've done the same thing but with a Hisense TV,” the shopper said.

“Stupid me didn't realise I was looking at the brand new model in the JB store and I rang and got a price for the older model which they accepted.

“Saved myself $500. I didn't realise till after I left that the model number was different.”

Exterior of a JB Hi-Fi store. Source: Getty Images
JB Hi-Fi offers customers the opportunity to price match their products to others online and in store. Source: Getty Images

When can you price match?

Stores such as JB Hi-Fi actively encourage customers to negotiate a better price and will price match an item.

The JB Hi-Fi price match policy on the company’s website states that the store will “enthusiastically match the price of an identically stocked competitor product”.

The website also states that negotiating deals is “part of their everyday promise” to customers.

However, the JB Deal applies to identical products in stock and must be verified by JB Hi-Fi staff.

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