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Hungry Jack's burger deemed an 'abomination'

A Hungry Jack’s drive-thru customer received an unsettling surprise after opening their takeaway meal to a “bloody shocking” display.

Inside the burger’s cardboard box, picked up from the restaurant in Hervey Bay, Queensland, was a sight later labelled as an “abomination” after a photo was shared online.

In the image uploaded to a local community Facebook group, the open bun can be seen coated in a heavy dumping of burger sauce - so much that no other toppings were visible.

The partner of the man who received the burger, a Chicago Whopper, joked that it came with “five years worth” of sauce.

Hungry Jacks store pictured.
The Chicago Burger was picked up from the Hervey Bay restaurant (not pictured) on Sunday. Source: AAP

“I guess that's what you get with a business run by kids,” her post on Sunday read.

Nearly 300 people expressed their disgust over the sight, sarcastically asking if they asked for any burger to go with their sauce.

One person called the burger an “abomination”.

It was also labelled “bloody shocking” and many said the abundant sauce made the burger completely inedible.

The local told Yahoo News Australia the only alteration they asked for was no lettuce or tomato, and the staff appeared more than happy to accomodate the request at the time.

“The staff were friendly so it wasn't like he pissed anyone off or anything like that,” she said.

Despite the mishap, the man remained committed to eating the Whopper, opting to “de-sauce it” when he got home.

Hungry Jacks Chicago Whopper with a massive dumping of sauce.
The Chicago Whopper came with a massive dumping of sauce. Source: Supplied

“It's the only thing he ordered. He didn't even get it in a meal, so [there were] no chips to wipe the sauce off with,” his partner said.

The woman said food from the establishment was often hit and miss, with it apparently “always running out of stock” and a friend once being served gravy on a sundae instead of caramel sauce.

Some people claimed in comments to her post they would be more than happy if they received such a huge amount of sauce with their burger.

“This is what I want when I ask for extra sauce. I would be happy,” one wrote.

“I’d love that much sauce on my burger. I love their mayo sauce,” another said.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Hungry Jacks for comment on the matter.

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