McDonald's new burger release leaves people 'disgusted'

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A new limited-edition burger coming to McDonald’s restaurants has left some people ‘disgusted’.

Twitter user Daniel Ahmad brought attention to the new menu item by sharing promotional shots of the distinctly-flavoured burger released by McDonald’s in China.

“McDonalds China is introducing a new Oreo x Spam burger on December 21,” Mr Ahmad tweeted.

“There will be 400,000 produced and sold.

“Look, I saw this so you have to see it too. Sorry, that's how it works.”

Pedestrians walk past an American fast food company McDonald's restaurant in China.
McDonald's China promoted a Oreo and Spam burger on Weibo. Source: Getty Images

It appears Mr Ahmad found the new burger on McDonald’s Weibo account.

He also claimed in a separate tweet people in China “hate this too” and reminded people the fast food chain is a US company.

“Some of y’all saying ‘Why would China do this’ seem to have forgotten that McDonald’s is an American company,” he tweeted.

People had quite the reaction to the burger.

“Doesn't sound even remotely tasty,” one person tweeted.

“If they said just SPAM, ok.... odd but ok. But Oreos on a burger of any type is disgusting.”

“That’s disgusting but China’s McDonald’s and KFC actually have pretty good creative burgers, but this is just weird,” another person tweeted.

One person asked if there was mayonnaise on the burger.

“Idk (I don’t know) if I’d prefer it to be mayonnaise or Oreo frosting at this point neither sound like an improvement,” a third responded.

Meanwhile someone else had a more measured reaction, taking into consideration people around the world enjoy different things.

“Hey, if there is a market for it, who am I to judge what people eat?” they wrote on Twitter.

“It sounds utterly disgusting, but so does liver paté and it’s a big hit in Denmark. And don’t Americans dip their French fries in milkshakes, or am I just gullible AF (as f***)?”

McDonald’s confirmed to Yahoo News Australia there were no plans to bring the burger Down Under.

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