Horrific moment woman's dog is 'brutally mauled' on remote Aussie beach

Susan Molnar said she was fighting to save her dog's life during the unprovoked attack.

A Tasmanian woman says she is now "living in fear" after her west highland terrier was "brutally mauled", claiming its not the first time her pets have been targeted.

Susan Molnar was walking her two dogs, Hamish and miniature schnauzer Thomas, on Sunday at a beach in the state's southeast, when they were approached by two large dogs.

Susan Molnar can be seen in a waiting room with her west highland terrier on her lap after he was mauled during their beach walk.
Susan Molnar's dog was mauled by two unknown dogs while they were walking on their local beach. Source: The Mercury

“I quickly put my dogs on short leashes behind my heels," she told The Mercury. "I then grabbed my iPhone and started recording the approaching dogs, praying that they would not attack us."

Despite her best efforts to keep space between the dogs, the newcomers "immediately targeted" her west highland terrier and attacked him several times.

"The dogs kept circling us and attacking Hamish from every direction and despite Hamish exhibiting submission the whirlwind attack continued," she explained.

In the video, Susan can be heard yelling for help while her dog whimpers from pain.

Owner recalls previous dog attacks

Susan shared that her dogs experienced a similar situation last year in September, when two different dogs were seemingly "hunting in the dunes" while they were out on a walk.

“I’ve been attacked at least five times, and have narrowly avoided two other attacks,” she said.

After Sunday's incident, the dog owner rushed to hospital where "shocked" Hamish received urgent medical attention, with all involved visibly shaken from the ordeal.

“I fought with everything I have in my body to save Hamish. I was literally fighting for my dog’s life," Susan continued, before adding: "It was scary for me and I’m over six feet tall."

After reportedly contacting the local animal control officer, she received word that "the larger of the two dogs" had been seized, however, it remains unclear who the dogs' owners are and if they are aware of the incident involving Susan and her dogs.

Despite the traumatic experience, thankfully both dogs are well, with Susan describing them as "stoic" and in "good spirits" as they recover.

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