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Girl, 3, mauled by dogs on Gold Coast suffers head and neck injuries

The Queensland Ambulance Service has labelled a string of dog attacks as 'concerning'.

A Queensland toddler has been taken to hospital after being savagely attacked by dogs in the latest mauling tragedy in the state.

Emergency services were called to the home in Yatala on the Gold Coast at 5.20pm on Wednesday after the three-year-old girl sustained head and neck injuries, with four dogs including three german shepherds and a French bull mastiff reportedly seized by council.

It's believed the mother and girl moved into the child's grandmother's home from Melbourne in recent months, the Courier Mail reports, with three of the dogs belonging to the grandmother.

The three-year-old stayed at Queensland Children's Hospital overnight, with Children's Health Queensland confirming to Yahoo News Australia this morning she is in a "serious but stable condition".

The mother was reportedly also taken to hospital.

Two photos of dogs being seized by Logan City Council following an attack on a three-year-old girl in Yatala, Gold Coast.
A three-year-old girl sustained serious dog bites in her grandmother's home in Yatala, Gold Coast. Source: Courier Mail

Neighbours surprised at sudden attack

Calling the pets "good dogs," neighbour Kurt Poole was surprised by the attack on the child.

“They’ve never done anything bad towards us,” he told Courier Mail. "We play with them all the time, we’re down here working. They’re happy.”

"[The child's grandma is probably] beside herself. She just wants this probably all to end and never to have happened."

Several dog attacks in Queensland this week

The terrifying dog attack is one of three just from last night, with a young boy being transported to Logan Hospital with a head injury, and a woman in her 30s taken to Townsville Hospital with injuries to her leg. Both are in stable condition.

Earlier this week a six-year-old girl, Laquarna Chapman Palmer, was pulled off a fence by a dog before it attacked her near Brisbane in a horrific end to the Easter long weekend. She was playing on a fence when a neighbour’s bull mastiff pulled her off before the dog dragged her into a yard where she was mauled by both the neighbour’s mastiffs.

Queensland Ambulance Service has labelled the slew of recent dog attacks against children "concerning".

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