New development after meter reader mauled to death by dogs

The two dogs that killed a Queensland meter reader on Saturday have been “swiftly euthanised”, the council has revealed.

Kane Minion, an Energex contractor who got engaged on Christmas Day last year, was set upon by the dogs after entering the Logan property via the front gate of a long, winding driveway at around 11am.

When police arrived they found the 42-year-old lying unconscious in the fenced front yard with serious injuries. Despite the best efforts of paramedics, he died at the scene.

Kane Minion pictured left, and right cuddling his own dog.
Kane Minion, who got engaged on Christmas Day last year, was photographer cuddling his own dogs on Facebook. Source: Facebook

The dogs — a Bandog Bullmastiff and a Rhodesian ridgeback cross — were immediately seized by council officers and taken to the pound.

On Thursday, the Logan City Council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that both animals, which had been registered, had been put down and that neither dog was on “any list of regulated menacing or dangerous dogs”.

“Earlier this week, the owners of the dogs legally surrendered the animals to the council to allow the matter to be dealt with in the best interest of public safety,” a statement said.

One of the dogs being removed from the home and a warning sign on the home's front gate.
The two dogs were immediately seized from the property, which photos show has a sign reading 'warning - guard dogs on duty' attached to the fence. Source: 9News

“Yesterday, after advice that Queensland Police Service had completed the relevant part of its investigation, the dogs were swiftly and humanely euthanised. Council strongly promotes responsible pet ownership and has zero-tolerance for dogs that act in, or might be kept in, a way that could compromise community safety.

“Logan City Council’s heartfelt thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the victim and others who may have been impacted by the tragic incident at Greenbank.”

The Courier Mail previously reported that neither dog was believed to have a history of violence or previous incidents. However, it is understood that they were usually restrained behind a secondary fence closer to the house during previous visits by meter readers.

Police at the scene and the second dog being removed from the home.
On Wednesday, the Logan City Council confirmed that both animals had been put down. Source: 9News

Photos of the scene show a sign reading “warning — guard dogs on duty” attached to the front fence. The owners of the home were not there at the time.

News of Mr Minion’s death sparked a debate on social media earlier this week.

Some people pressed that Mr Minion’s death is “indicative of the ignorance and lack of responsibility of some dog owners as to the dangers of dog ownership”, while others argued that the dogs were only acting on instinct.

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