Homeowners 'terrified' after freaky find in basement of new house

The couple said the first night spending time in the house was 'terrifying'.

A couple of new homeowners are no doubt experiencing buyer's remorse after snapping up the house next door, only to find a number of seriously "spooky" features they'd not been made aware of before the seemingly spontaneous purchase.

The couple from the US said they were looking for an additional space to use as their home office, so when the place next door — with which they share a driveway — came onto the market, they didn't hesitate to buy it.

But on the first night exploring their new pad, the couple, who have five kids, discovered a hidden basement that had a number of questionable features including a "peephole" into an isolated room with a sign on the door saying "do not open" — and that's just the beginning.

Wooden doors in house basement with 'do not open' sign
The couple discovered a basement with two wooden doors, admitting they were terrified by what could be hidden behind them. Source: Facebook

Creepy discovery detailed on TikTok

Sharing details on TikTok, the woman named Mary said she's convinced the house is "haunted" and said the very first night in the home was the "most terrifying night of [their] lives". "I am seriously feeling the craziest energy," she wrote in the comments of one of her videos.

In the basement there appears to be two wooden doors — one is sealed shut with screws with the "do not open" sign. The other which leads to a "creepy" isolated room has "stab marks and scrapes" all over it which Mary compared to the movie The Shining where actor Jack Nicholson takes an axe through the door at a haunted hotel.

In one video the new homeowners reveal dark-hearted scrawlings on the wall including the words "evil will prevail", "death food" and "judgement day".

Visitors 'felt ill' after entering house

A woman named Alsya, who works for Mary and her husband, said she visited the house recently and admitted "there's definitely something not right about it". Posting photos on Facebook she claimed "everyone who went inside the house immediately felt ill, like a flu feeling" and said there were a number of "eerie" things she noticed.

Some social media users agreed the house was a little on the creepy side. "Nope. Nope. Nope," one posted on Facebook. But others suggested a more logical explanation for people feeling sick saying it's likely mould present in the house, shutting down claims it's haunted.

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