Woman 'moves house' after 'spooky' hidden basement find

A woman who discovered a creepy hidden basement in her home has revealed that she and her family have since moved out of the property.

Back in February, the US-based mum-of-one took to TikTok under the username @unfortunateexistance to document her terrifying find under the carpet.

Woman 'moves house' after 'spooky' hidden basement find. Photo: TikTok/unfortunateexistance.
Woman 'moves house' after 'spooky' hidden basement find. Photo: TikTok/unfortunateexistance.

'So spooky'

Less than three months later, the woman returned to the video-sharing platform to announce that she was forced to leave the home after it became an "unsettling environment".

"Things have been really f***** since we opened that door," she told her followers in a new video.

She then went on to describe that various 'spooky' occurrences prompted her to pull the plug.


"Where do I begin? Every f****** light [turned] on at three in the morning, every day after that.

"My daughter, who was sleeping through the night, doesn't anymore."

The woman added that the 'vibes' inside the property "were not immaculate anymore," describing it as an "unsettling environment" for her, her boyfriend and her young daughter.

She compared living in the home to a 'horror movie,' where doors would lock spontaneously and a rotten egg smell would come from "absolutely nowhere".

"It was so spooky, it's not even funny, stuff right out of horror movies was happening.

"Me and my boyfriend were getting really weird bruises in really weird places. We would just get this smell of rotten eggs out of absolutely nowhere [...] the front door would randomly lock and my boyfriend would be like, 'Did you lock it? No?' Neither of us did."

A woman films herself exploring a secret basement hidden in the floor of her home on TikTok
The woman didn't realise she had a basement until she ripped up the carpet. Source: TikTok/@unfortunateexistance

'Unsettling' discovery

The TikTok user uncovered the eerie basement hidden under the floor of her home a year after purchasing the property off the previous owners who she said were in a rush to move out.

She explained in a TikTok video in February she never had a house inspection, which is why she never realised there was a secret basement.

In a series of follow-up videos, the woman documented what she found after pulling up the carpet and layers of padding to reveal a rusty door handle in the floor.

"When you pull the carpet off your floor and find a basement you never knew about," she captioned the video.

"Moving into the house was so fast, the couple we bought it from were in a hurry to leave, they wanted to move, they sold it to us very cheap," she explained.

A TikTok user films as they explore their secret basement they just disocvered.
The homeowner filmed her bizarre basement discovery. Source: TikTok/@unfortunateexistance

Going down

After working up the courage to go down the timber stairs and explore the basement with some friends, her first attempt was fruitless.

"We were going to go down there and I was going film it, but there was a humming noise and my friends were freaked out and wanted to go home," she said in one video.

In another upload, she admitted she was terrified of going into the basement alone.

"I’m not going to go down there, I’m pretty afraid, it’s very unsettling," she said.

When she eventually makes it down there, she discovers garbage, old wooden furniture and mysterious red splatters on the floor.

However, it’s the several small passages scattered in the walls of basement that scares the homeowner the most.

“No, I’m not crawling through a hole in the wall … they look sketchy and gross … I don’t wanna be down here anymore,” she said before ending the video.

The woman's followers agreed, with one user commenting, "It was hiding for a reason. Close it back up lady".

"That’s a murder basement, my friend," another person added.

Additional reporting by Nadine Carroll.

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