Man finds 'spooky' hidden room in house sealed off for decades

The resident had long questioned an outline on one of his walls before he finally decided to investigate.

A surprised homeowner has uncovered a "hidden room" full of "spooky" items inside his house, in an extraordinary find that was concealed from the world for almost a century.

David Miller said he had long noticed an outline on his wall but even he was shocked by the treasures hidden inside his home in Brighton, England.

"My house has a hidden room that's been sealed up for decades," the BBC radio presenter wrote on Twitter, showing pictures of some of the items he found inside, including a decorative mirror, a bird cage, prams, bottles and other furnishings.

Left: David Miller wearing a shirt and lanyard behind a BBC Radio microphone. Right: The two spooky finds from inside the room that appear to be old-fashioned prams.
David Miller said he's lived in the house for years but only recently found the time to knock a hole in the wall and uncover the "spooky" finds. Source: Twitter/David Miller
Hole in the wall
The hidden treasures have sat dormant for decades. Source: Twitter/David Miller

A newspaper spotted among the items was dated April 5, 1937, with most of the items believed to be from around that time. However, Miller thinks there could be an even older item to be discovered.

"There is a much larger Victorian pram yet to be excavated," he shared online.

Left: A decorative mirror framed by dark wood shows David's reflecting as he take a picture of the item. Right: An old newspaper with a man's face in the top left corner beside the words 'Monday April 5, 1937'.
The hidden room was full of lost treasures now discoloured and covered in dust, including a decorative mirror and a newspaper from 1937. Source: Twitter/David Miller

Social media in awe of 'fascinating' finds

Much like the excited homeowner, people online shared Miller's delight as the discovery offered a rare peak into times past.

"OMG what an absolute treasure trove!" one woman wrote.

"Fascinating development - [this] will keep you amused for ages!" another said, while a third pleaded for more information from Miller, "We need some more photos and a video please! Everyone is now invested!!"

With so many people sharing his interest in the items, the radio host has promised to keep everyone informed as soon as he finds the time to further investigate.

"If I unearth any further clues I'll let you know," he said.

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