Tradie's 'creepy' find hidden under closet floor: 'Is that a peephole?'

Sharing the photos of the strange discovery, many tried to figure out what the room was for.

A tradie's bizarre find under a client's house has everyone's imagination running wild trying to figure out what it is.

The man said he was with his son installing central air conditioning underneath the home in the crawl space when he noticed black walls in one section.

"I asked the customer about the walls and they didn’t know what I was talking about cause they [had] never been down there," he said in the Things Found in Walls Facebook group. "They thought I was joking around about it. So I went back down there and crawled over to the other side."

Two photos of the underground room which had a TV, shelves, a book and other things inside.
A tradie came across a 'creepy' hidden room underneath a client's house when installing central air conditioning. Source: Facebook/Things Found in Walls

While investigating, he curiously discovered an opening which led to "creepy" looking room with black walls — some with carpet on them — sand on the floor, a shovel, as well as a TV, shelves, a book and a few more random objects.

"Looks like it was a made to keep someone captive, reminded me of Silence of the Lambs," the tradie speculated.

Underground ladder leads to living room closet

But that's not all. After coming across a ladder, the man followed it up to discover it led to the bottom of the tenant's living room closet.

A photo of a ladder with a carpet next to it. Another photo of the birds-eye view from climbing the ladder.
Spotting a ladder in the room, he found that it led to the tenant's living room closet. Source: Facebook/Things Found in Walls

"I went up the ladder and knocked on the floor. The customer heard me in the living room closet and then I pushed up the floor and found out it was a hidden trap door inside the closet," he said. "The customer was shocked. They purchased the house 10 years ago and never had to go into the crawl space."

The wild Facebook post received almost 1000 comments, full of people guessing what the underground room was for.

Many believed it had some "nefarious purpose" like what "we've seen in movies and read in books".

"Is that a peephole?" one person speculated.

"Honestly I find it creepy. Carpet on the walls and a shovel doesn't mix well in my opinion. But if I'm being real probably a grow room, or more likely drug storage especially if they are a big distributor," another said.

A dark room or a cellar, people speculate

However others believed it was a bit less "malicious". "Maybe it was a dark room for photography," one person said.

"Just came here for the underground railroad, speakeasy, and grow room comments on what is most likely a dugout cellar. Did not disappoint," another said.

"Could also just be a panic room or something. I've often thought I'd love to have a hidden room in case of a home invasion or anything like that," a third person said.

It was also suggested the shovel was used "for coal for the furnace" due to it being "flat edged".

Although we might never find out the real answer it's always fun to speculate.

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