Hikers praised for 'impressive' act to save stranded man

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A group of men are being praised for the ingenious tactic they used to save a man stranded in rushing water.

On October 11, a man, possibly aged in his 20s, slipped into the raging Lower Falls at Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, CBC News reports.

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue was called, however as they made their way toward the scene, they came across a group of seven people who had already helped the man out of the water.

CBC News reported five of that group were involved in the rescue.

One of the men is seen feeding the makeshift rope to the stranded man.
A group of men used their turbans and clothes to make a rope and rescue a stranded man. Source: Facebook/Nanji Dhaliwal

In a video of the rescue shared to Facebook, a man is seen sitting on the rocks near the water as the stranded man clings to the side of the steep falls.

Safely on the trail, a group of men can be heard shouting at the two men below.

Using clothing and their own turbans, the men fashioned a makeshift rope — about 10 metres long — so they could pull the stranded man to safety. 

"We all thought that was very ingenious, to do that," search manager Rick Laing told CBC News.

"I've never seen or heard of that before."

He added it was lucky the group of men were passing through the area and were able to help, adding that at least one person slips and drowns in the same area every year.

Facebook viewers praised their quick-thinking actions.

"These men are heroes," one person wrote.

"Between your jackets and Turbans, they/you were very resourceful!!!.... Well done on saving someone's life!!" another person said.

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