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How a group of flight attendants saved girls from human trafficking

A group of flight attendants have been praised for their role in saving three girls from potential human trafficking.

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant Wesley Hirata noticed an older Asian man boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu with three much younger Caucasian girls and suspected something wasn’t quite right, KITV reports.

After chatting to the group on board the flight, he asked other attendants to check in with them and see what they thought.

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants suspect a case of human trafficking
A group of Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants identified a potential case of human trafficking. Source: KITV

The flight attendants managed to confirm that one of the girls was underage and that all three were listed under the same name on their passenger documents.

When the flight landed in Honolulu, local sheriffs questioned the group.

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants suspect case of human trafficking
Suspecting human trafficking, a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant started talking to a group of passengers. Source: File/AAP

The man suspected of human trafficking is now under investigation by the FBI.

Mr Hirata said people who encountered such situations should trust their instincts.

“Trust your gut and prior experience [and] report the situation without alarming or confronting the passengers in a suspicious manner,” he said.