'Disgusting waste': Angry Woolworths customers reveal Ooshies glitch

A Woolworths customer has expressed their dismay after an alleged ‘glitch’ resulted in unwanted Ooshies ending up with their online order.

The Woolworths Ooshies campaign has been polarising – some people love them, other shoppers loathe them.

While the supermarket does give customers the option to decide whether they want to collect the toys or not, one customer says they have received Ooshies multiple times after opting out.

The customer explained on Facebook they had selected to not receive Ooshies with their order, yet for the last three times, the Ooshies arrived along with their groceries.

Picture of a Woolworths store front, the supermarket unveiled their new Ooshies collection in August, exciting customers and angering others.
Woolworths customers have been receiving Ooshies with their online orders, despite opting to not claim them. Source: AAP

“I called up and was told that there was a glitch in the online ordering which means that even if you select no then you still get them,” they explained on the Woolworths Facebook page.

“This means that thousands of Ooshies are going to people who don’t want them and will surely throw them away.

“It’s a disgusting waste of plastic to produce them in the first place and now this.”

Many shoppers have opposed the Disney+ Ooshies campaign, mainly due to the toys being plastic, though Woolworths does have a recycling program for unwanted Ooshies in place.

“We're aware of a few customers who accidentally received Disney+ Ooshies in their online orders and apologise for the inconvenience,” a Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia.

"If their friends or family are not collecting, the customer can return the Ooshies to the customer service desk or place them in the designated TerraCycle recycling bins at the front of the store on their next visit."

Picture shows the complete collection of the Woolworths Disney+ Ooshies
The Woolworths Disney+ Ooshie promotion has been both loved and hated by customers. Source: Woolworths

Woolworths wraps up Ooshies campaign early

On Monday, Woolworths unexpectedly announced it would be ending the Ooshie campaign almost a month early due to “extraordinary demand”.

It is expected the stock will be scooped up by customers across Australia by the end of this week, Woolworth said in a media statement.

From Monday, shoppers from everywhere bar Victoria will no longer be able to redeem Ooshies when they shop online.

Victorian shoppers will still be able to claim their Ooshies online as the allocation was kept separate from the rest of Australia due to the delayed launch of the campaign as the state battled a second wave of COVID-19.

The Ooshies promotion was meant to finish up on October 27, or until stocks last.

Woolworths’ Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks said the company was “thrilled” the campaign proved to be so popular among shoppers.

Picture of two of the Star Wars and Pixar Ooshies which were part of the Disney+ collection, available at Woolworths
Woolworths has announced the Disney+ Ooshie campaign will wrap up early due to "extraordinary demand". Source: Woolworths

“It’s apparent customers of all ages have loved collecting these Disney+ Ooshies and their popularity completely exceeded our expectation,” M Hicks said in the statement.

“Because of this, we expect the last of our stock to be collected by the end of this weekend.

“I want to reassure our Victorian customers these lower stock levels do not apply to them. We created a separate allotment from when we delayed the launch of the program due to Stage 4 lockdowns and they can continue collecting in the weeks ahead while supplies last.”

Customers will still be able to recycle their unwanted Disney+ Ooshies in-stores at the TerraCycle bins until January 31 next year, along with the Lion King Ooshies Woolworths had last year.

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