'Ultra-rare' Woolworths Ooshie gets eBay bid of almost $100k

Days after Woolworths revealed the identity of its ultra-rare Ooshies, the collectables have been appearing for sale online with whopping price tags.

One of the first recipients of the ultra-rare furry The Child characters advertised the toy – which is one of just 100 in circulation – on eBay on Monday.

The owner, from Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, listed the toy three days after the supermarket confirmed the first ultra-rare Ooshie, a furry Thor, had been found.

Anyone desperate to have the furry The Child character in their collection has until Saturday to place their bid on eBay, but they might need to re-mortgage their house.

Photo shows the Woolworths ultra-rare fury The Child Ooshie.
The ultra-rare fury The Child Ooshie has attracted more than 90 bids and the price is set to continue increasing. Source: eBay

So far 95 people have put their money on the line, skyrocketing the bid on to $99,400 by Wednesday morning.

The seller revealed their furry The Child toy was number 59, with each of the ultra-rare characters given a number between one and 100.

“Not to be confused with the normal green Yoda, this one is the baby and has felt/fur clothing,” they wrote in the listing.

An earlier seller reportedly sold their furry The Child Ooshie for more than $12,000 on eBay.

There has been weeks of speculation over ultra-rare characters being part of the latest collection, with the supermarket remaining tight-lipped until it finally confirmed the two rare characters this week.

Photo shows an eBay listing for the ultra-rare furry The Child Ooshie, with the highest bid at $99,400.
The bidding had reached close to $100,000 by Wednesday morning. Source: eBay

Some shoppers were under the impression the glitter Ooshies were rare and turned to the online marketplace to sell them for significantly inflated prices.

One ambitious seller had their glitter Elsa on sale for $50,000 despite the supermarket announcing on several occasions there were just as many glitter characters in rotation as the others.

Ooshies finally released in Victoria

Victorians will this week have their relentless calls for Ooshies met with Woolworths injecting the collectables into statewide circulation from Wednesday.

The release of the 36 characters was delayed in Victoria due to tough lockdown measures, leaving residents annoyed they couldn’t join the rest of the country in building their collections.

Shoppers have been strengthening their calls for weeks, expressing confusion over why Ooshies were affected by the pandemic when residents were still permitted to shop as they normally would.

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