Woolworths' X-rated Ooshie move sends shoppers into hysterics

Woolworths shoppers have had a giggle over the placement of in-store signage promoting Ooshies.

A photo taken at a South Australian Woolworths in Playford shows a promotional sign advertising the Thor Ooshie hanging just below a shelf of condoms with a quote from the first Thor movie, “You’re big - I’ve fought bigger.”

Some customers seemed to think it was a clever tactic by the supermarket to place that particular shelf-talker near condoms, with the play on words leaving customers laughing.

“Spotted this excellent product placement at Playford Woolies,” Instagram page S**t Adelaide captioned the photo.

Woolworths Thor Ooshie quote infront of condoms.
'You’re big. I’ve fought bigger': The placement of the Ooshie's Thor quote in Woolworths left shoppers laughing. Source: Instagram/S**t Adelaide/Facebook

Followers quickly jumped on board to add their own spin to the joke.

“It’s not the size of the hammer but how hard you bang the nail that matters,” one person wrote.

“I think these should be on special until the pandemic ends,” another person said.

“Someone deserves a raise,” a follower suggested.

Some people were curious if the Thor sign was a Woolworths wide tactic or just a one-off placement by a cheeky staff member in one store. Another Woolworths customer also spotted the same signage placement located in a NSW store.

“Woolworths... I love your sense of humour!” she wrote on the official Facebook page alongside a photo of the same Thor Ooshie sign placed under a shelf of condoms.

“We're glad you got a bit of a giggle with your shop, however this sign definitely shouldn't be in this spot!” a Woolworths spokesperson responded.

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