Shock new development in viral Lamborghini crash

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The feud between two drivers that resulted in a Lamborghini being rear-ended has escalated, with new video emerging.

Matt Heller, from Tampa in the US state of Florida, was rear-ended by a woman driving an Audi while behind the wheel of his Lamborghini Aventador, which can retail for about $780,000.

Mr Heller uploaded videos on Instagram and TikTok of the crash and the Audi driver’s response. People were perplexed why she appeared so livid with Mr Heller after she rear-ended him.

A Lamborghini is seen driving next to an Audi.
New video (right) shows what happened before the Audi rear-ended the Lamborghini. It was uploaded by the Audi driver (left). Source: Instagram/ Matt Heller and TikTok/maddygilsoul1

He laughs in response as she blames him. The video went viral and got more than 40 million views on TikTok alone and was shared on Reddit.

However, it appears there is more to the crash and the woman, who uses the TikTok handle maddygilsoul1, may have had reason to be angry.

Video shared by Maddy on TikTok shows what happened before she rear-ended Mr Heller. In Mr Heller’s video, viewers are shown CCTV of the Lamborghini stationary before the Audi runs into it from behind.

But Maddy has uploaded CCTV of what occurred in the seconds before on her TikTok account.

Her video shows the Audi at a red light and Mr Heller drives up alongside her, appearing to sideswipe her car before turning the corner. This is of course before she also turns the corner after him and hits him from behind.

It also explains why, in Mr Heller's video, she says: “You did that to the front of my f****** car".

While it does show more of the crash, it also suggests both drivers are at fault for one reason or another: Mr Heller for side-swiping her Audi and Maddy for rear-ending the Lamborghini.

If anything, the crash and ensuing fight just goes to show no one is a real winner when emotion takes over on the road, regardless of where or what you drive.

However, since Mr Heller’s video has more than 40 million views, and features Maddy’s face, she claims she is going to sue him for defamation. She has also received widespread criticism following the prang.

It is not clear if either driver has been charged with an offence following the incident.

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