Woman’s unbelievable reaction after rear-ending $780k Lamborghini

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A woman's bizarre reaction after running into the back of a Lamborghini has left the luxury car owner both confused and amused.

Matt Heller, from Tampa in the US state of Florida, was rear-ended by a woman driving an Audi while behind the wheel of his Lamborghini Aventador, which can retail for about $780,000.

In a video of the crash, Mr Heller's white Lamborghini comes to a stop in traffic. Moments later, an Audi turns through an intersection and collides with the back of Mr Heller's car.

A smashed Audi is seen along with its two occupants: a man and a woman.
A woman who rear-ended her Audi into a Lamborghini lashed the driver of the Lambo. Source: TikTok/ Matt Heller via Reddit

Woman blames Lamborghini driver for crash

In footage from Mr Heller's mobile, he records the female driver walking over to his car and knocking on his window after the crash.

Incredibly, she tries to blame him for the accident.

“You did that to the front of my f****** car,” she says, pointing at the Audi.

Mr Heller chuckles and she asks: “What’s funny?”

“Usually when you rear-end people – that’s not how this works,” he says.

“It’s OK though. I’m going to call the cops real quick but you’re saying I hit you from behind?”

She says Mr Heller hit the front of her car, claiming he pulled in front of her at a red light.

The clip cuts to the woman growing more agitated and hurling expletives while a man who was in the car with her tries to move her away.

On Instagram, viewers were confused by the woman’s response.

“She clearly wasn’t watching the road,” one woman wrote.

One man questioned why she was “so pressed” despite being responsible for the prang.

The panel under the Lamborghini's rear brake light is smashed.
Mr Heller shared a photo of the damage on social media. Source: Matt Heller/Instagram
An Audi rear ends a Lamborghini Aventador.
A witness shows Matt Heller the crash. Source: TikTok/ Matt Heller via Reddit

Others praised Mr Heller for his patience in dealing with the woman.

“You were too kind,” one woman wrote.

It is not immediately clear what the outcome of the crash was.

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