Courtroom Artist Reveals Fear Over 'Strange Emails' From Donald Trump's Base

Courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg on Tuesday said she receives “strange emails” from supporters of Donald Trump who are angry with her depictions of the former president.

Rosenberg doesn’t really worry about how the presumptive GOP nominee thinks she’s portraying him during his hush money trial, she told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Trump knows who she is and often greets her in court, the artist explained.

But Trump’s base, she said, “I do worry about because I’ve gotten some strange emails from people who don’t like the way I portray him or family of his, whatever.”

Rosenberg didn’t expand on the content of the emails.

Trump supporters sending menacing messages to those they consider to be against him is sadly nothing new, however.

Cooper said he was struck when attending Trump’s trial in New York last week by the apparent lack of orange in Rosenberg’s selection of pastels.

Trump’s predilection for fake tan has often seen him likened to the fruit.

“I had a little orange section but he’s not really fully orange,” replied Rosenberg. “My paper is kind of orange, kind of like what his skin tone is.”

Watch the interview here: