First-time Aldi shopper's hilarious take on checkout: 'OMG'

A TikToker has documented the joys and stresses of his first time shopping at an Aldi store in a charming new video.

TikTok user @con.ryan posted the 56-second clip earlier this week, telling his followers that he was keen to give the supermarket a try after moving interstate.

“I just moved to Melbourne yesterday from Hobart, and we don’t have Aldi in Tassie so I was keen to try it out,” he said.

The man raved about the bargains he nabbed in store, sharing that his favourite instant coffee was on sale.

Aldi shopping trolley full of groceries in supermarket aisle
The Aldi first-timer said he nabbed instant meals for only $3 each. Source: Getty Images

“My first green flag about Aldi is how cheap everything is - anyone who buys this coffee knows how expensive it normally is, so I was very happy with my bargains,” he said.

However, the Hobart native then playfully described the stresses of facing the Aldi checkout for the first time.

“When I get to the checkout I realise that Aldi don’t have self service - that’s not a thing here,” he said.

“And then I realised as an adult, I’ve never had to put my groceries on the belt, have someone else scan them, and then put them in the bags myself, so I was stressing.”

The TikToker playfully reenacts his experience in his apartment, showing viewers how quickly his groceries were scanned.

Stills from TikTok video showing man with groceries. Source: TikTok/@con.ryan
"Aldi, why are you so fast?" the TikToker asked. Source: TikTok/@con.ryan

“So I started unpacking everything all nicely on the belt for the lady, and all of a sudden I have a tower of groceries on the other end while I’m still unpacking my basket,” he said.

“I was in a rush trying to pack everything into my bags while everyone is looking at me because I’m causing a scene.

“I literally felt like I was in the Commonwealth Games of grocery packing and I’ve just let everyone down.”

Aldi’s checkout processes have long been a point of contention for customers, with "ferocious scanning speeds" coming under fire on social media.

However, supportive viewers have come to the man's rescue with a number of tips and hacks to help his Aldi shopping experience run smoother.

TikTok to the rescue: Aldi customers share packing tips

Dozens of Aldi shoppers have taken to the video’s comments section to share their hacks for a stress-free checkout experience.

“Put everything heavy that would go on the bottom of the trolley first, then add the light stuff. Then you can just pop it back in the trolley in order,” one TikTok user recommended.

“Aldi usually has these little benches next to the registers after you pay that are actually made for you to properly pack the bag with less stress,” wrote another.

“Unless you’re a super packer, you should fling the scanned groceries into the trolley and then move to the packing benches after you’ve paid,” said a third.

“Hot tip - chuck everything into the trolley and pack your bags at the car where it’s a lot less stressful,” added a fourth.

TikTokers weigh in on Aldi checkout speeds

Some commenters revealed that they left Aldi in tears as scanning speeds caused them to feel pressured and embarrassed.

But not all Aldi shoppers feel the same way, with dozens taking to the Tasmanian man's TikTok to share their humorous take on the cashiers’ scanning rates.

“Don’t worry about others looking at you, they're more focused on if they can beat last week's personal best packing time,” joked one TikTok user.

“Packing your bags at Aldi should be an Olympic sport,” said another.

A cashier of food discounter ALDI wears a face mask as she serves a customer. Source: Getty Images
Many users have simply commented "welcome to Aldi". Source: Getty Images

“The speed of packing you endure at the end is your penance for getting bargains,” wrote a third.

“Shopping at Aldi is a game of survival,” remarked a fourth.

"I chuck it in the trolley and then go over to the packing table lol," remarked one user. "Otherwise I literally feel like everyone is glaring at me for being slow."

Another user took a playful jab at the man for not adding any Special Buys to the grocery haul shown in the video.

“Where is the mattress and dartboard etc?” they joked.

"OMG you're too cute," a sympathetic user wrote.

Another experienced Aldi customer simply commented: "Welcome to Aldi hahaha."

The TikToker is yet to respond to any comments on his video, which has now earned almost 8,000 views.

Aldi packing hack goes viral

Another TikToker recently shared a packing hack which was widely shared on social media, encouraging Aldi shoppers to skip the bags altogether and opt for laundry baskets instead.

Screenshots from TikTok videos showing groceries in washing tubs. Source: TikTok/@amywwaters, @1980sgamer
Other Aldi customers have said they use storage containers, cardboard boxes and trolley separators to carry their shopping. Source: TikTok/@amywwaters, @1980sgamer

"I put the laundry basket in my shopping cart, put all of my groceries in, put it in my trunk, and then I carry it straight into my house,” the shopper said.

“See all these people wasting their time bagging their items? I just saved you a bunch of time with this hack."

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