Why Sydney neighbour launched into a rage, slinging mud at tradies

A dispute between neighbours erupted after a group of tradies allegedly cut a woman's power without her knowing, and the ugly scenes have caused people online to weigh in on who is in the wrong.

The tradies were working on a home in Greenacre in Sydney's southwest when the elderly neighbour approaches them screaming, before launching mud and rocks at them in a furious rant.

In a video shared on TikTok, the irate woman can be seen standing on the edge of her driveway shouting abuse at the workmen at the house next door. They appear to be digging up the drive of the neighbouring home and are seemingly unbothered by her rage.

Sydney neighbour dispute at Greenacre.
The neighbour was furious after the power to her home was cut thanks to the workmen next door. Source: TikTok

"This is Greenacre everyone," the man behind the camera says and at one point proceeds to taunt the woman. The woman's husband joins in occasionally and at one point appears engaged in a heated discussion with the neighbour.

But the work doesn't stop, not even for a minute, as one worker continues pounding the pavement with his sledge hammer. "The boys ripped off the wire," the man behind the camera says as the woman continues her rant. Frustrated that the men cut the power to her house, the woman crouches down and scoops up some dirt. She continues to launch it across the neighbour's property before turning her focus to the man with the camera.

"Excuse me," he says to her, "she's throwing bricks at me," as the woman clutches a rock in her hand. The woman's husband appears to ask the men "who cut the power" but they all claim it wasn't them and say "speak to Ausgrid".

Social media divided over ugly scenes

Some people in the comments were able to translate what was being said. "They cut the electricity without warning and the lady was cooking. That's why she got angry," one explained.

The woman began scooping up mud and throwing it at the workmen next door. Source: TikTok
The woman began scooping up mud and throwing it at the workmen next door. Source: TikTok

Some thought she had a very valid reason to be upset and claimed she was clearly "treated unfairly". "I feel for them! Some people are so arrogant they build their mansions without any respect for the neighbours," one said. One said they can "sort of see why she's raging" and said, "I wouldn't [respond] that way myself".

Some took aim at the builders who were "taunting the elderly couple and filming them". "This video pretty much symbolises everything wrong with the construction industry in this country," said another.

But some people think the woman was over-reacting. "Yeah you'd be p*ssed but does that give you an excuse to act like a maniac idiot," one said. "It's only a couple of hours until they fix the power lines again," they suggested.

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