Man's backyard act divides opinion after 'nice' request to neighbour

A neighbourhood spat has boiled over with a man’s actions to solve the problem sparking a heated debate online.

In a video posted to TikTok, a keen green thumb in the US with a self-titled “passion for lawn care” shared his revenge.

“Neighbour’s tree keeps hanging over my fence,” his caption on the clip read. “I’ve asked nicely...I’ll do it myself.”

In the footage, which has racked up more than 1.3 million views since it was posted on Friday, the homeowner in Florida can be seen cutting a sugarcane tree on his neighbour’s property. In the 30-second video, he is filmed hacking off branches that lean over his side of the fence before snipping off several leaves.

A man cutting down branches hanging over this fence.
A disagreement over a neighbour's overhanging branches ended in action by this man in Florida. Source: TikTok

Who's side of the fence are you on?

The post has ignited a fury among TikTokers with the man's actions dividing internet observers.

“Smart man, do your thing!” one person wrote with many users agreeing. “The tree is leaning on his fence,” another said. “As the tree grows and gets stronger, it could damage the fence.” While someone else claimed that “you’re allowed to trim anything that hangs over on your property.” Another added that they don’t see what the issue is, “it’s landing onto his side of the fence, he’s not in the wrong.”

Others said that they’d take similar action. “I do this all the time with my neighbours,” one person wrote. “I have no trees or bushes around my house and that’s how I like it.”

But other users slammed the act as a “first world problem” and “petty.”

“[The] guy needs help,” one person said. “Please God, no matter how old I get, don’t turn me into a grumpy old man,” said another. “You are the neighbour I don’t want to have,” someone else added.

While others claimed that the TikToker’s garden “looked better” with the overhanging branches. “It actually looked good,” someone wrote. “What harm is it doing but providing you some greenery,” another added.

In NSW, if your neighbour's tree is overhanging your property, it is usually your responsibility to pay for its pruning, however the court can choose to order your neighbour to pay this fee if deemed reasonable given the circumstances.

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