'Gutless': Note left on Byron Bay van sparks heated parking debate

A man who keeps finding passive aggressive notes on his van has lashed out on social media, telling his unhappy neighbour to “grow up” over their parking gripe.

The Byron Bay resident shared two of the rude letters left on his windscreen to a private Facebook group, expressing his anger.

Screenshot of letters left on a van in Byron Bay. Source: Facebook
A van owner has lashed out on social media after finding anonymous passive aggressive notes on his windscreen. Source: Facebook

The first printed document titled “no camping” stated that a photo of the vehicle's registration had been sent to authorities, warning “large fines apply”.

The second, which was hand-written on a piece of paper from a notebook, accused the man’s parking spot of being “illegal and dangerous”.

“Read NSW road rules re: parking at intersection,” it read.

“You should be 10m from intersection. You are obstructing visibility. Please be considerate.”

It’s unclear how the van was parked, or if the same person left both notes.

The van owner was clearly unimpressed, beginning his post with an open letter to the anonymous author.

“To the person who always leaves a note on my van, I would like to invite you for a cup of tea and work in my veggie garden ... because definitely you don't have anything else to do…,” it read.

“My address is right in the house where it was parked the last 4 months.... grow up!”

War of words over rude note

The online rant swiftly sparked a heated debate about parking rules and etiquette around notes.

Many were quick to call the note-writer a “Karen”, with one Facebook user commenting: "Yeah.. that person definitely needs some damn chamomile”.

Screenshots of the van owner's Facebook post and some of the comments in response. Source: Facebook
The post was inundated with comments, sparking a debate about parking rules and note etiquette. Source: Facebook

“God I used to get these on my van all the time simply because it's a van. They assume you're sleeping in it,” another man commented.

“Anonymous notes are gutless,” one woman wrote, before adding she couldn’t live with herself if she caused an accident by parking too close to an intersection, in breach of road rules.

Some requested photos of how the van was parked as others were sympathetic to the anonymous accuser, demanding the van owner “learn how to park”.

“This is a valid point though,” one person responded of the intersection claim.

Another said: “Seems fair, maybe you need to be more considerate of others.”

“Be mindful and just park so it's a clear view it's not a big deal to move it back 5 metres,” another wrote.

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