Could you answer this NSW Learner Driver test parking question?

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It can often be tempting to try to bend parking rules when you're in a rush, but most drivers know there are very strict laws around where you can and can't park.

But do you remember all of them? Do you still remember all the details of the parking rules covered in the New South Wales Drivers Knowledge Test?

It may seem like an easy one, but some drivers might be caught out by this question which features a photo of a taxi zone sign with a red arrow and asks: “Are you permitted to park in the direction of this arrow”.

Screenshot of taxi zone question. Source:Service NSW
The question posed to learner drivers in NSW's Drivers Knowledge Test. Source: Service NSW

Participants are then given a choice of three answers which are:

  1. No, not at all.

  2. Yes, provided no taxis are using the area.

  3. Yes, if you are carrying two or more passengers.

So do you know what the rules say in this case?

NSW learner drivers should know no means no

Unsurprisingly, the answer to this question is option 1: “No, not at all”, as a taxi zone is a dedicated area for taxis and rideshare services to use to pick up passengers only.

This is mandated by the Australian Road Rules with Rule 182 stating that drivers are not allowed to stop in a taxi zone at any time unless they are driving an authorised vehicle.

These zones are always marked by the red zones on the kerb with an arrow pointing in the direction of the dedicated zone itself.

Drivers and learners can easily identify taxis from their unique designs but vehicles that also contain a “CPV” label in their windscreen are also qualified to use these zones to pick up waiting customers.

Police fine sneaky drivers

With the rule adopted virtually into all state road rules, both fully licensed drivers and learners ought to steer clear from these areas if they want to avoid fines.

Uber sign Source: Getty Images
Rideshare services such as Uber are allowed to stop in taxi zones. Source: Getty Images

Some states issue fines with a set amount to deter anyone who thinks they have a right to park in dedicated taxi zones. Some of the set fines police can issue include:

NSW: Drivers in New South Wales ought to be careful as NSW Police can fine drivers $184 if they are parked in a taxi zone.

VIC: Victorian drivers will be hit with a $109 fine from the authorities if they are found to be parked in a dedicated taxi zone.

SA: South Australian drivers will think again if they are caught stopped in a taxi zone as the authorities could give them a combined fine of $235.

TAS: Tasmania Police will give motorists a fine of $87 if they are caught stopped in a taxi zone at any time.

ACT: If any driver in Canberra is found parked in a taxi zone, they will be given a $125 fine by the local authorities.

Instead of giving a set amount, some states will punish drivers using the penalty unit system instead which is a fixed amount that can be reviewed yearly. Some states using this system include:

QLD: In Queensland, police can issue drivers stopped in a taxi zone a minimum fine worth 0.75 of a penalty unit which currently amounts to $103.

Taxis parked on street. Source: Getty Images
Drivers in South Australia face a fine ranging up to $235 from SA Police. Source: Getty Images

WA: Drivers in Western Australia that are found to be stopped in a taxi zone will be issued a fine of one penalty unit (worth $50) by WA Police.

NT: Classed as a general offence by NT Police, drivers found stopped in a taxi zone will find themselves being issued with a fine worth one penalty unit ($157).

Clearly drivers can be hit with some large fines from police should they try to pull off a sneaky park in a designated taxi zone.

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