Dog owner hits out at neighbour’s ‘gutless’ note - but is it really that bad?

Is there a right way to complain to a neighbour?

A note grumbling about a barking dog has sparked a fierce debate over the correct way to address a contentious situation.

A woman was horrified when she received a note from someone in her neighbour about her dog's constant barking, asking her to control the noise over the next 14 days or they will report her to the local council.

Although the note receiver was furious over the note, many deemed it acceptable— saying it's a polite way and non-confrontational way to address the situation.

The note was left anonymously for the woman asking her to stop her dog from barking.  Source: Facebook
The note was left anonymously for the woman asking her to stop her dog from barking. Source: Facebook

The note detailed the "constant barking" of the woman's dog, saying it had become excessive and is set off at any surrounding noise.

"We, as your neighbours, ask you to [take] remedial steps to curb the constant barking over the next fourteen days in consultation with your vet," the note read.

"Many of your neighbours are animals lovers who curb their dogs when barking starts," it continued.

"We as your neighbours wish you well, however continual barking will see a complaint lodged with the local ranger and council."

The note, which was posted to Facebook, quickly attracted comments

"It would be more neighbourly to knock on the door to discuss the issues," the poster wrote alongside a photo.

"Considering the dog hasn't been home for 3 days.... Not to mention how it has made her feel. I have no words!"

'Be respectful': Users divided over complaint etiquette

The note divided Facebook users, some saying they thought it was a reasonable way to resolve the issue while others deemed it "gutless."

"Some people don’t feel comfortable doing it in person as they don’t know what kind of person they are dealing with," one user pointed out.

"It’s doesn’t matter why the dog is constantly barking and having lived with that situation I can say I think they are being pretty reasonable."

Some users thought the note was an acceptable way to deal with the situation while others thought it was cowardly.
The neighbour was furious over the barking dog. Source: Getty

"What a fantastic approach by your neighbour, rather than knock on your door and have a confrontation which would cause ongoing conflict, they politely sent you a letter," agreed another.

"Rather than criticise them, be respectful and try reduce the barking. You live in a community."

Other users argued that if they had wanted to resolve the problem, they would have left a contact number.

"If it was a real issue they would speak to you directly. This is just gutless," declared one Facebook user.

"If the owner doesn’t know they can’t fix the problem, but if it such an issue the author should be willing to discuss rather than merely threaten," wrote another.

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